September 2008

Vacation 2008

Took a week off and stayed home. It was great but not long enough. Caught up with friends Friday evening, as Penny Blacks played at Thandi. Went hiking at Funday Trail with Jay and Lisa…

Finished sewing my first sewing project – a jacket.

Then, at the end of the week, my folks came to visit and mom and I walked the 5k for Marathon by the Sea together and later that evening we had a lovely dinner with friends at Churchills.

Geeking Out Hardcore

Thanks to Keith for heading out to the Vortex with me for an early lunch (and thanks for the lunch – mmm… Swiss Chalet – how I love it!) and so I could pick up The Force Unleashed and Rock Band II, which both got released today. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight (and probably the rest of this week)!

I was trying to explain The Force Unleashed to my friend John who doesn’t game, and was reminded of the great article that Vanity Fair did on it last March.

Sewing Project #1

I am slow when it comes to sewing – at least when following a pattern. I want to make sure I don’t mess it up. Also, there’s now the added challenge of trying to cut out patterns and fabric while my cats think that it’s the greatest thing to play with and attack.

On the weekend I began the first of my sewing projects. I cut the pattern out and cut out the fabric and interfacing and lining. I’m a bit frustrated by the fact that when I got the fabric, it was a new girl at the store who cut everything exactly on the mark, and when I laid out the pattern pieces, things weren’t totally straight at the cut ends and I will have 3/4 length sleeves that are actually about 2.5 inches shorter than they should be. there wasn’t quite enough fabirc. I went back in to Fabricville, but they had sold out of the fabric that I had chosen. Ah well, I think it’ll still work with the pattern.

The fabric that I chose is a black oriental brocade with small details of cherry blossom trees on it. And the lining will be emerald green. I think it’ll be fun. When I get it done. I started the sewing tonight. I have the back together and am partway through assembling the front pieces. I’m half way through step 16 in a 92 step process. So it’ll take me a while.

The Dress Form

All right, first off, I finished my duct tape form and it turned out okay, although I may get back to it at some point and try to fix the stuffing. I think I could have done a bit better job at stuffing it, but that can always be fixed. Let’s hope it makes some sewing stuff easier.

And “sew” it continues….

I‘m not done the dress form yet, but I’ve done a bit more work on it. The leg holes and left arm now have cardboard added on to finish them off. The neck does as well, but I’ve taken a plastic hanger (and broken the ends off so it’s not too wide to fit within the form) and I put the hangar through the cardboard at the neck so I can hang the entire form, since I haven’t built a stand for it. I have left the right arm open so I can stuff it. I haven’t done that part yet as I have nothing to stuff it with. I need to remember to pick up some Here magazines so I can ball up some paper to stuff it with.

So Fabricville had a sale on and I picked up a few patterns and some great fabrics to work with. I’m itching to get started!

Sewing Plans

I‘ve been considering making a new Halloween costume. I’d love to create one of Susan Sarandon’s character, Queen Narissa from Enchanted. It would be a fun challenge.
One of the things I’ve been wanting as I’ve been considering some upcoming sewing projects is a dress form, but regular dress forms cost a few hundred dollars and I just can’t validate that price if I’m saving up for a much more important purchase (a 42″ 1080p LG flatscreen). So I’ve decided to try making my own duct tape dress form. I found some great white duct tape at The Dollar Store and grabbed some cheap old clothes at Value Village to serve as the base layer. I was thinking I’d do it later this week and try to get Lisa M to help me, but I got impatient and figured I’d see if I could do it myself. It was warm work, but I actually managed it! I still need to cut out cardboard for the arm holes and bottom, and it still needs to be stuffed (plastic bags or newspapers is recommended) but that shouldn’t take too long. And – it only cost me $6.91 for the duct tape and $3.99 for the old clothes! Huzzah! I’ll try to remember to post a photo once it’s been stuffed.

As for the Halloween costume, I may pass on that and re-use my King Kong one from last year. When I was in Fabricville, I came across so many lovely fabrics and patterns that I think I’d rather put my energies towards making some clothes for myself that I can wear to work.

More Free Time For Me

Well, now that I know I did not get a part in Chicago, I’ve got plenty of time to plan a bunch of other awesome autumn activities. I will be able to enjoy a regular running schedule, go hiking, make a Halloween costume, socialize, do a bit of painting, and do some gaming (Force Unleashed, Batman Lego and Fable II – aww yeah!). Congrats to those who are in the show – I’m looking forward to seeing it and I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!

That Autumnal Smell

It’s already cooler at night and I’ve started to be able to smell that crispness in the air. I enjoy autumn. Outdoor activites such as running and hiking are much easier to do when it’s a bit cooler out. And there are less bugs. And it’s scenic as the leaves change. And of course, it smells great. :-)

ANTM + Assassin’s Creed + Frozen Yogurt

I have a guilty pleasure – I enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model and last night was the 2-hour premiere for Cycle 11. I don’t know why, but man-oh-man did they do some majorly cheesy/campy stuff to start the show off with. Including cheesy fake special effects. At least they’re having fun with it. The girls seem to be a lot more immature this year, which was actually rather painful to listen to. The nice surprise was that there was a lot more diversity in the contestants. It’ll be an interesting season.

While watching the show, I spent commercial breaks flipping back to playing Assassin’s Creed. I’m trying to collect all of the flags in the kingdom. It’s one of the side-quests. I love games where you have to collect stuff.

Less than 2 weeks before The Force Unleashed comes out!

90210 + Wicked = Weird Dreams

So I checked out the premiere of the new 90210 series and actually managed to make it through the full two hours. Man, there was some bad acting going on. It was painful to watch. And the storyline was predictable and boring. Needless to say, I won’t be following this series.

I’m really enjoying Jenn’s book club pick, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I’m about half of the way through the book and I don’t want to put it down.

Other than that, I’ll be making sure I head home for lunch today. There are three cruise ships in port today. The Caribbean Princess with 3100 passengers, the Carnival Victory with 3200 passengers, and the Norwegian Dawn with 2200 passengers. Not to mention all of the kids now back in Brunswick Square during their lunch break from school.