August 2008

A great combo: friends and food!

Enjoyed a tasty meal and some great company at Suwanna last night, as a few folks gathered to wish Colleen a happy birthday. Looking forward to the long weekend!

Not much going on…

I figured I’d post anyway – essentially I’m just waiting to hear something back regarding auditions for Chicago, and I tend to be pretty single-minded about stuff like that. Thankfully work is a great “distraction” – LOL.

I’m looking forward to getting my hair trimmed today at lunch. I’ve been growing out my bangs and growing out my hair again and I’d like my hairdresser to blend the bangs into the sides a bit and lighten the chunk that keeps falling in my face.

And that’s about it. Enjoying the weather – I like the cool nights and warm sunny days. Although I still don’t feel ready for the oncoming Autumn. Ah well, I’m sure I will be when it eventually rolls around. Of course, I am looking forward to the prospect of some autumn hiking, since I didn’t get the chance to do as much hiking this summer as I would have liked.

An Entertaining Show

Thankfully this can be found on DVD, because it’s on the FX network, which I don’t have. I’m talking about the very entertaining show, It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia. I recommend it – it’s funny, not predictable, with interesting characters. The way it’s filmed makes it feel very real. I’d recommend finding season 1 and starting from the beginning, because I get the sense that the characters grow much like the ones on How I Met Your Mother do.

Aug 21 – 24 update

I woke up on Thursday morning with a slightly scratchy throat. I figured it was from doing a lot of talking and not enough water intake on Wednesday evening. My plans were to do the singing auditions for “Chicago” on Thursday and get them over and done with, but by the time I got home from work and tried singing “Funny Honey,” any notes in the lower end of the spectrum were gravelly and flat. So I decided to wait and audition on Saturday morning.

Since my evening freed itself up, I headed down to Akhord to check out John and Andrew Mazerolle’s show, “Faster, Higher, Stronger, Foggier.” It was certainly worth going to. Kudos to both brothers for a job well done.

I woke up on Friday morning with a full-fledged cold. I had a nicely coated throat and wondered how I would manage the singing auditions at all. So I stopped in to the pharmacist and explained things and picked up some medication to help combat the symptoms of the cold. I then proceeded to drink a lot of lukewarm water with lemon for the remainder of the day. By the end of the workday I was feeling a bit better so I decided to go to the dance auditions. They were a blast. Jenn is very good at teaching and explaining the moves, and it helped to have Kristi up front to show how the dances should be done. It was a good sized crowd of folks and I think we all had fun dancing together. Not to mention the fact that the dance itself was fun to do! That lasted about 2 hours, after which I down some pad thai and then tried to watch a bit of Prairie Home Companion before finally going to bed – at 9:30!

I got up very early Saturday morning to try and warm my voice up. Thanks to the cold, I wake up with a pretty gravelly voice each morning. Vocal auditions were at 10 AM. There weren’t too many people there, but I was glad to see Jay & Lisa M come out. After we finished our auditions, we popped over to the market to get coffees and to kill some time before the dance auditions. I’d offered to help out (helping folks with sign-up forms, etc) but there was a pretty small crowd, so I headed home instead. The rest of the day was pretty mellow – grabbed a late afternoon special drink at Starbucks with Jay and Lisa, and read & napped for a bit, then got a late dinner with Doug & Colleen at Churchills. I couldn’t even finish my meal – and felt really run-down. I’d intended to check out some of the Pop Goes the City festival and then stop down to Jason’s CD launch party but I wound up going home and early to bed instead. Guess I really needed my sleep.

Sunday was another blissfully quiet day. I slept in, then met up with Keith and we headed to the gym, hopped on some bikes and caught up. Poor guy has had a long and stressful week of work – 10 days of it in a row. I made sure to do a ton of stretching and generally to not push myself too much, still having a cold. For the afternoon, I got groceries, popped out to the vortex (McAllister & environs) and then settled in for a quiet evening. I did wind up going back out, however. I headed to Cinema 3 with Scott and Mare and Jay M to see The Clone Wars, which I really enjoyed. I loved the style of the animation from the hand painted textures on the 3-D models to the shapes they used for each characters face and body. The story was entertaining and interesting. It was definitely worth seeing!

Visiting the 1920′s

I got a call from Stephen the other day to fill in for someone as a 1920′s gangster’s moll for an event for the SJ Port Authory, and Brenda provided this awesome “cigarette girl” costume. So that was my evening last night – having fun with a bit of 1920′s slang and handing out fedoras and pearls and fancy headband/hats to folks, while playing along with the story as it was unfolding.

The event was really nice and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Kudos to Beth R for putting together such a fab production!

We took a few photos in front of one of the cars and this one cracks me up. Note Stephen’s added chest hair – LOL.

My Parent’s Garage Sale

Earlier this summer I headed to Halifax to visit my parents and spend a day sorting/tagging/pricing stuff that I’d had in storage at their place that was meant to go for garage sale. My folks had spent about an hour and a half a day over the last month and a half going through their stuff and sorting/taggin/pricing garage sale items.

This weekend, I took Friday off and headed back to help out with the garage sale. (My folks aren’t in the best of health so they are really limited in the amount of lifting they can do.) I got there around 4 PM on Friday and it wasn’t long before I’d started bring boxes up from the basement and putting them in the garage in preparation for the next morning. I filled the garage (well, the half of it that was available to fill) and still had a room of boxes as well as some furniture and old exercise equipment that needed to come up. We kept an eye on the weather forecast and it was showing 70% chance of rain so we decided to postpone until Sunday morning. So, I figured I could catch up on a bit of rest and perhaps do a bit of shopping on Saturday, and I offered to make dinner for my folks. (You guessed it – the new pizza recipe!) Mom’s friend Shelly was going to come by and help and bring her 14-year-old son Kyle along, so mom called her and said they should stop by Saturday morning anyway and we’d do a big breakfast.

7:45 Saturday morning, Shelly and Kyle pull in to our street and they are followed by a ton of cars looking for the garage sale. Turns out that the weather forecast had changed overnight and now it wasn’t supposed to rain until later that day. So it was a mad rush to put everything out. People were buying things before we’d even got them out of boxes. We ran a row of tables down the middle of the driveway and put all the glassware and fragiele stuff on them. there were boxes of stuff under the tables, and then we laid blankets out on the lawn on either side of the driveway and filled those with items. There was a LOT of stuff. Not a huge surprise since it had been absolute years since their last garage sale. At one point mid-morning, it started to rain, so we pulled out the plasticv tarps and covered some stuff while people shopped through the rain. Thankfully the rain didn’t last too long, so we were able to uncover things and keep selling.

Then it was noon. And the rain came back. Hard. We covered everything with tarps. The shoppers dissappeared, and dad decided that we should get at least something to eat, so he and mom set to work preparing “brunch”. I kept an eye on things and then went in to eat. But I had a nagging feeling at the back of my head, so as soon as I’d wolfed my food down, I went back out to check on things. Turns out, the rain was coming down so hard, all of the items on the right side of the driveway were somewhat submerged in about 5.5 inches of water. And any box that remained outside and on the ground – even on the driveway under the tarps, had gotten soaked. Thus began our mad rush to rescue as much of the stuff as possible, and then to find dry-ish boxes to transfer things to so that they could at least be carried and stacked back int he garage. It took us until after 3 PM to finish tidying up. Thank goodness for Kyle helping me carry any of the especially heavy stuff and anything that required two people!

Then – I got groceries (and a much-needed Lactose-free Tazo Chai Latte from Starbucks) and headed back to make supper (the pizza). After supper, i felt like I was still on autopilot with things that needed taken care of, so I started some laundry and then headed out to visit my friends Sue and Jed for a bit. Their son is really growing up and is cute as a button, and they have an adorable new kitten that was fun to play with.

I tried to sleep in on Sunday, but I’m really not great at changing my sleeping schedule, so I was up somewhat early. I finished the laundry I’d started the night before, made breakfast (an omlette for dad and french toast for me – mom doesn’t eat eggs so she had toast) and then started packing my stuff up and loading my car for the trip home. I left at about noon and drove straight back – couldn’t wait to get home and see my cats! (A HUGE thanks again to Jay & Lisa M for taking care of them while I was away!!) I got back at around 4 and unpacked the car and called a few folks and made supper and finally started to try to unwind. I watched some TV (What Not to Wear)and there was a part of me that just couldn’t stop. I was overtired and restless. So I pulled out all of my books (both hardcover adn softcover, minus the extra-tall hadcover ones, which are in a different spot) and I started organizing them alphabetically by author. I kept all of the plays and theatre books in a different section, but now the remainder of my books are all organized. THEN I hit the hay.

And I am now feeling all of the muscles I used over the weekend, and I already can’t wait to catch up on my sleep. And I am anxiously awaiting auditions for Chicago coming up at the end of the week.

Lactose-free Chicken Pizza



pesto olive oil
1/2 can garlic tomato paste
1 garlic clove
2 chicken breasts
sun-dried tomatoes
sliced black olives
1 package goats milk mozzerella cheese
12″ pizza pan

3 cups flour
1tbsp yeast
1/2 tsp sugar & salt
1 & 1/4 cup hotwater


Combine dry ingredients for dough. Add hotwater. Knead for several minutes until dough feels stretchy. Form into a ball and cover. Let rise for 1 hour.

Turn oven on to 425°F. Fry or grill the 2 chicken breasts with 1 clove of garlic. Cut in strips and set aside. Grate cheese and set aside. Grease the pizza pan with pesto olive oil. Spread dough evenly on greased pan with extra dough around the edges. Add a layer of garlic tomato paste. Place chicken strips on top. Sprinkle sun-dried tomatoes and black olives on top. Sprinkle oregano salt and pepper on top. Add shredded cheese. Bake for 11 minutes or until golden. Enjoy!

An Enjoyable Evening of Monologues

Last night I headed down to Waterstreet Dinner Theatre to catch an evening of monologues that my friends were putting on (through The Saint John Theatre Company’s “Theatre on the Edge” festival) and it was well worth it. There were 6 highly entertaining pieces and it was a good mix of comedic and serious monologues. In between the sets, we were treated to the acoustic stylings of Jason Ogden, who is always a treat to listen to. I also got to catch up with a few friends that I don’t get to see as often. I’m glad I went!

Ta-Da List for To Do’s

A long time ago, my friend Scott M introduced me to a handy site called Ta-da List. I’ve used it on and off to keep lists of things I need to get done, but lately I’ve found it to be very handy. I’ve recently found that I would make a list of things to do at work that I wanted to get done at home, but by the time I’d get home, I would have forgotten the list at work and of course, forget some of the things I wanted to get done. By having one place online to keep my list of To Do’s, I could access it from both home and work. And this month I have a ton of little things that I’ve wanted to get done (i.e. replying to an email, picking up a battery for something, etc.) and some that I just cannot put off (such as figuring out financing so I can purchase my car now that my lease it up). It’s a handy little spot for the task-oriented. :-)

Warm Weather and a Lot of Events

Thankfully it was a quiet weekend. I would have liked to get a bit more done, but with the heat, I just felt so lazy. I had some fun playing SingStar karaoke with Jay & Lisa on Saturday night, and then Rockband on Monday night (after Lisa’s tasty 2-part birthday dinner, of course).

Things coming up:
Theatre on the Edge – this Thursday to Saturday.
Hola SJ – this Friday to Saturday
Theatre on the Edge: The Silicone Diaries – next Wednesday to Saturday
Halifax: parental unit’s garage sale – the 16th
Book Club “One for the Money” – the 17th
SJTC: Chicago auditions – Aug 21 – 24
Haywire – Aug 21st
The Box – August 22nd
The Spoons, Blue Peter – August 23rd
RockBand II game release – Sept 16th
The Force Unleashed game release – Sept 16th
Lego Batman game release – Sept 23rd