July 2008

More Organization

On Monday I picked up another necklace rack so that I could organize and hang my necklaces by color and length.

Last night I photographed some of my shoes that were in boxes that didn’t yet have photos on the front, and printed out the photos and added them to the front of the boxes, so now I’ll have a much easier time seeing what options I have.

It feels good to have things clean and organized.

Retro 80′s Party

I was tired last week. I’d been spending a lot of time just going flat-out for the last couple of months that I didn’t want to do much of anything. Wednesday night we played D&D, Thursday night I worked late, Friday night I watched “Top Fuzz” and “Walk Hard” with Keith.

Then Saturday I woke up, and I was tired of the mess that was my apartment.I was trying to put some T-shirts away and was tired of trying to fit everything into the drawer, so I started cleaning out my dressers and closets. I worked on it until 1 PM, at which point I headed out to pick Lisa M up and went to browse for 80′s outfits for the retro 80′s party that evening. We had great luck shopping! I enjoyed a couple of tasty burgers at their place before running home to get all dressed up 80′s style. It was a fun party – and fun to see everyone dressed up.

Scott M & Kristi

Scott M & Kristi


Scott T, Alison (in back) and Kizzy

Scott T, Alison (in back) and Kizzy


Lisa M
Lisa M





Anthony, myself

Anthony, myself


Sunday I woke up bright and early and got straight back to work with the cleaning and purging. I took a quick break at about 4 PM to get some groceries, but otherwise, kept cleaning until 6:45. As I finished up, I looked at the clock and realised I had 15 minutes to get to Alison’s baby shower. It was a nice mellow shower. I suspect a few folks were still a bit worn out from the party the night before. Thankfully, no silly games, which I appreciated. Idid make the mistake of having a coffee though, so as exhausted as I was when I got home, I was still pretty awake. I cleaned out my bracelets and necklaces and then finally hit the hay just after midnight. And then I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. And then I just slept light. Grr.. coffee.


Friday Keith and I saw Wall E (excellent and touching) and Hellboy II (fun and nice to see Guillermo del Toro’s stylings).

Saturday, we went to an early matinee of The Dark Knight which was entertaining and dark and gritty. And kind of long. After that, I ran a few errands and then headed to a work event: The annual Company BBQ. After enjoying a couple of burgers and catching up with some folks, I headed back home to get dressed up and then picked Keith up and drove to Fredericton to stop in at Brian’s wedding (which Jay R was DJ-ing). We hung out and danced for an hour or two and then drove back to SJ. Thankfully we didn’t encounter any moose on our drive.

Sunday I finished reading Brother of Sleep and got some fo my apartment cleaned and then headed off to book club. Thanks again, Sabine, for a great book choice and such tasty treats!

Dr. Horrible


So. Awesome. Make sure you check it out!

When it rains…

I knew it’d be a busy day at work when I got back from a long weekend, but it turned out to be even busier than I’d thought. So, the work day flew by, and I missed yoga, and it was after 6 by the time I managed to leave the office. I had just enough time to get pad thai, scarf it down and then Keith picked me up. We caught the 7:15 showing of Hancock, which was really quite good. (My only complaint would be a slight overuse of the shakeycam. I don’t mind if it’s used for scenes where there would be a lot of shakey situations and/or action. But if you’re hanging around doing regular things, I’d rather just focus on what’s going on, and not be distracted by a shakey camera. Besides, my eyes could use the break.)

The week-end of doing and cleaning….

Friday evening Keith brought over the fixings to make home-made sushi and that pretty much took up the evening.

Saturday I got up bright and early, picked Keith up, and headed to Halifax. We spent the afternoon sorting through 53 boxes of stuff that I had stored in my parent’s basement. 10 garbage bags of clothes were collected and donated to the Red Cross, 6 garbage bags of garbage were collected, and the remainder of the items were priced and tagged for garage sale. It made for a very full day (and evening).

Sunday I got up early and went for a walk with my mom, then did a couple of loads of laundry that I’d brought, grabbed a late breakfast and then it was a family affair to clean and detail my car. Once we finished, I got cleaned up and Keith and I packed up the car, popped into downtown Halifax to do a little shopping and then eventually hit the road to come back to good ol’ foggy Saint John. We stopped a couple of times along the way (Bayers Lake for Starbucks and a wander through chapters, and then Mastadon Ridge for gas, a stop into Farmer Clem’s, and “dinner” at Taco Bell) and got back to SJ at about 10:30 at night. I was exhausted.

I was also pretty glad I’d taken Monday off as a vacation day. I slept in, hung out with the cats, and then headed out to run errands. Of course, to begin, I caught up with Jay & Lisa M out at the Vortex for a bit before getting groceries and cat food. My treat for myself was a used copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, which I subsequently spent the remainder of the evening playing.

Friday Feast #196

When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
Must have been a couple of months ago. I’m in the midst of trying to grow out my bangs so there isn’t much I can do with it.

Name one thing you miss about being a child.
I worried less.

Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil.
Olive oil.

Main Course
If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why?
French, as it would be most practical, living in a bilingual province. I took it from kindergarden to grade 12 and have a basic understanding of it, but just don’t feel comfortable speaking it. But then I enjoy Spanish, which seems rather similar, and I’d like to learn more of that.

Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be…
five years older and wiser. And hopefully still in good health and keeping up with the fitness regime.

Recovery days

I‘ve been taking it easy the last couple of days as I recovered from the 10k race on Sunday. It’s nice to have a bit of quite time, especially since the weekends seem to be getting booked up lately. I finally finished “Finn Mac Cool” (last month’s book club pick) and I really enjoyed it. And I’ve started Sabine’s pick, “Brother of Sleep” by Robert Schneider.

Mirimachi 5kmx2

F or Canada Day long weekend (yes, I took Monday off) I did karaoke with Jay M Friday evening, then headed up to the Mirimachi early Saturday morning with Keith. We got to Colleen’s parent’s place for about 10:30 and hung out for a bit before heading to breakfast with the gang at the Rodd. We drove down to Sunny Corner and decided to go tubing even though it was only about 14 degrees out and the water was icy. Numbingly icy! At least the river was high and flowing fast, so we were only in the water for about an hour. On the way back to Colleen’s parent’s place, we picked up stuff to barbecue. It was a relaxing afternoon of sitting around and chatting and enjoying BBQ’d food. IT continued to cool off for the evening, so instead of having a bonfire, we opted to stay in and play Cranium. It was quite the passionate game of it. I think I had the most fun watching folks trying to sculpt things!

Sunday we slept in and then had a mid-afternoon group brunch at the Rodd. Keith and I popped in to visit his folks for a bit before heading back to SJ. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. That exhaustion lasted for a couple of days and other than managing to do a couple of errands on Monday, I just caught up on sleep. (Yes, I took Monday off.) Tuesday was rather quiet as well, catching up a bit with Doug and Colleen and then heading out to Scott & Alison’s for a BBQ. Of course, it was 14 and foggy in Saint John, but 25 and sunny once you got 5 minutes out of town. I came back to town early and then stopped down at the waterfront to catch The Tartan Terrors with Jay & Lisa M (and Doug and Colleen). Jay and Lisa have been fans of theirs for year – they used to perform at the Ontario Renaissance Festival, and they totally lived up to their hype.

Wednesday to Friday were incredibly busy days at work. I was thankful by the time the weekend rolled around again. I had signed up to run a race in the Mirimachi but was going to bail on that and go to Halifax instead. My dad was scheduled for a surgery on Thursday and I thought I’d go down and see my folks and help them out around the house. But his surgery got postponed, so I reverted to my original plans to head back up to the ‘Chi with Keith. We left mid-day on Saturday and stayed at his folks’ place. We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed over to Newcastle to start the race. It was a hard one, and neither of us got personal bests. Up to that point, the warmest weather I’d run in was 17 degrees. It was about 28 degrees out. Just crazy. And it got even warmer after that! There was no shade and barely any breeze, and that made for some tough running. I managed to finish my 10 km route in 1:10:17, and that included a whole bunch of walk breaks in the second half. Oy. Talk about draining!

Mirimachi 10k

Holy Hannah it was HOT! No shade & I forgot my inhaler. Oy.

Keith and I cleaned up and packed up and stoppped for lunch at the Cunard (he had won a gift certificate as a door prize) and then headed back to saint John, It was 32 degrees out, and by the time I got back to uptown SJ, it was 18 (thanks to the coastal fog). We napped for about an hour and then Keith picked me up and we went to see Wanted, which was quite fun & entertaining.