June 2008

OT & Sleep

It’s been a long and busy week of lots of work and feeling kind of run-down, so quiet early evenings in. I’m glad for the upcoming long weekend (I booked Monday off for vacation and Tuesday is Canada Day).

For a treat, I picked up some lychees at the market and am enjoying them while I work.

The Quiet Weekend

Friday night was a fun start to the weekend. After a tough massage therapy session, I stopped home to change and then headed to the Somerset Pub for Karaoke with Kizzy et al. It has been a long time since I’d done karaoke and it was a lot of fun. Keith wanted to keep partying after we left, but I was just beat (as I usually am by Fridays) so I headed home and called it a night.

Saturday I was up nice and early to attend Free RPG Day and play a one-off of the new Castlemourn game that Jay M was running. My character was a bard who’d pull out her rusty copper whistle each time a battle started. It was a much more effective Bard than in the D&D realms.

After that, Jay & Lisa and I stopped in at the Market to enjoy some samosas, and then I headed home for a power nap. Keith and I decided to hit the gym for a bit and then I spent the remainder of the evening at Keith’s place. We hung out and watched Shrek 3 (on demand). I think we were both glad we didn’t pay money to see it. It just felt so forced and recycled.

I must have been tired, as I TOTALLY slept in on Sunday morning, and I rarely sleep in past 9 on weekends. Keith and I opted to grab lunch at Churchills and then I headed homme to try to plough through my book club book. I didn’t leave myself enough time. I really should have started it earlier inthe week, or maybe given up my Saturday night and set my alarm Sunday morning. I managed to get half-way through it before book club. I wasn’t sure about Finn Mac Cool for the first couple of chapters, but the book started to grow on me, and now I want to finish it and find out what happens to him. It’s an Irish folk tale.

So yeah, book club was last night. It was lots of fun and nice to see everyone who made it. Lots of great food (left over diary-free chocolate cake for breakfast this morning – yum!) and good conversation.

Friday Feast #194

If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?
Europe. There’s so much there that I’d love to see, I doubt I could do it all in one year.

Which browser do you use to surf the Internet?
IE7 at work, Safari at home.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you know about the history of your country?
7. I’ve been taugh Canadian history so many times, thanks to moving around, and being an army brat and going to military schools. But I’ve forgotten some of it. It’s just hazy…. Also, I’m sure they didn’t cover EVERYTHING. For example, I only ever got a glazing of Aboriginal history. Scratch that 7, I’ll say I know maybe 4.

Main Course
Finish this sentence: Love is…
a many splendid thing.

Have you ever been in or near a tornado?
Not in one, thankfully. There was a nice big category 3 in Southern Ontario that I saw once. It was a few kilometers away, and thankfully not heading in our direction. And once, when driving back to Winnipeg from Mineappolis (a 9-hour drive), I counted 9 twisters. That gave me dreams for years….

Thanks again, Kizzy!

Yesterday evening Keith and I headed over to Kizzy’s for a lovely BBQ’d dinner and a chance to hang out and catch up. We wound up chatting right up until we had to leave so that Keith could go to work. It was a lovely evening!

Hiking Weekend #2

Friday evening I wound up going out for a drink with keith and Ryan before heading to Church Street to meet up with Mare and Scott for a drink. From there, Keith and Ryan and I headed to Sebastian’s for a bit and then back to my place for a bit. I think I like the idea of fancy martini’s better than I actually enjoy them. Gin & tonic, on the other hand, often lives up to the anticipation. It’s a cool and refreshing summery drink.

Saturday was full. All I wanted to do was clean out some stuff in my apartment. And then relax. But that’s not how the day unfolded. Kieth and I had brekfast at Cora’s (catching Dan on his way out) and then headed to the vortex (McAllister Shopping Mall & environs) to pick up a few things. That took a fair while, and by the time we did that and I picked up my groceries and got home, it was already about 4:00. I got my groceries away and Keith and I stopped out to meet Doug and Colleen for a few minutes. Then I was able to get back to cleaning. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, which had gotten rather disorganized over time. It felt good to have room to put things again. And then I got started cleaning my apartment. I’d been meaning to give it a thorough cleaning for a few days but I just didn’t have the energy. Keith headed home for supper and a run. By the time he stopped back in with Ryan at 10:45, I was just finishing up. (And that didn’t even include cleaning out the front hall closet and getting rid of some old clothing – both of which I intend to do at some point this week.) They hung out for a bit before heading around the block to the annual Horsefield Street Courtyard party. Once they left, I finally settled in and cracked open my new gmae for the xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones. I played till 1 or so and then hiut the hay. Thanks to a combo of earplugs and being overtired, it wasn’t too difficult to fall asleep, despite the noise of the courtyard party going on right behind my building.

Sunday I got up bright and early to get ready to go hiking. I picked up Suzy and Brian B and Keith (who only got about 3 hours sleep but at least he wasn’t hung over!) and we headed to Fundy Trail to hike the start of the Funday Footpath. It was perfect weather – lightly overcast and about 13 degrees. We did a 3-hour hike and were all suitably tuckered by the time we were heading back to Saint John. thanks for coming along, guys!

When I got home, I enjoyed a nice long-hot shower and was planning to nap, but got sucked back into playing the Lego Indy game. It was nice to have a quiet evening in. I’d had my fill of being social this weekend and I just needed some down-time.

Friday Feast #193

Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?
I’m more of a realist.

What is your favorite color of ink to write with?

How often do you get a manicure or pedicure? Do you do them yourself or go to a salon and pay for them?
I go to a salon with friends about once or twice a year for a pedicure. Otherwise I prefer to take care of my own nails. Salons are expensive.

Main Course
Have you ever won anything online? If so, what was it?

In which room in your house do you keep your home computer?
It lives in the living room, but since I have wireless, it visits my kitchen and bedroom at times.

A Mellow Evening

Went for an easy run with Keith on the road at INP and then headed home to make supper and then chill out. I can’t remember the last time I just stopped and had a quiet night. I needed it. I’d planned on gaming, but didn’t even do much of that. Only played a bit of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII on the PSP.

Walk Out The Kinks

I grabbed a much-needed nap after work yesterday and made some supper before heading out to pick Keith up. We went to the Irving Nature Park so I could get a bit of a walk in. My hips were pretty sore from Sunday’s race and spending a day sitting at an office desk wasn’t much of a help. We had a great walk – about an hour-and-a-half long, and we came across about half a dozen porcupines along the way.

4th Indy film = meh

I was in the mood for some mindless entertainment last night and I got what I wanted. I went to see the new Indy flick. It was silly and fun but not something I’d want to spend any time thinking about after. Because it was really stupid. I mean, aliens? Come on. Too over-the-top if you ask me. I won’t be adding it to my home library, that’s for sure.

On a side note, my hips are sore from yesterday’s run. I don’t think I’ve had sore hips from a run before. (Spending my day sitting at a desk isn’t going to be much help.) It was a good but hard run. I’m glad I did it, if only to improve my Personal Best. I can’t imagine running any longer distances.

Tubing, Catch the Bug, and more

Friday I grabbed a nap after work and managed to get up in time to see Picnicface at Ahkord. The Improv Corp opened for them, which was a nice treat. They did really well, and Picnicface was good. I didn’t stick around for the improv after the show – I was pretty beat.

Saturday, Keith and I had a tasty home-made breakfast (yay for omelette’s) and I headed to Kizzy’s to help lay sod. I was a couple of hours later than I’d intended, and wound up arriving just as they were finishing up. Oops. Glad it went well for them at least. I then ran home and got stuff together to go tubing on the Hammond river with some friends. I picked up Keith and we headed out. It was kind of cool, but still really nice. The water was at a good level and there weren’t many bugs at all. A relaxing and scenic afternoon!

Tubing on the Hammond river

Tubing on the Hammond river

We headed back into town to shower and change and then tried to find a place to eat. Churchills was packed, and Montanna’s even more so (an hour’s wait for a table and purportedly another hour wait for food once you’ve been seated – puh-lease). We wound up dining at Swiss Chalet, which was tasty as usual. Then it was off to run a couple of errands and then head to Kizzy’s for Emily’s “Graducelebration” party. It was nice to catch up with friends and to see everyone having a good time. I was pretty beat, so I headed home at 10 PM.

Today I got up nice and early and got ready to head to Market Square to run the Catch The Bug 10k race. I met Sandra there and caught up with Al at the start line. It was cool out and the breeze was pretty chilly, but by the time I’d gotten about 10 minutes into the run and warmed up a bit, it was pretty welcome. The hills were tough and I started to peter out at about the 8 km point, but managed to keep going for the last 2 km. Turns out I ran a personal best! I managed to shave 3 minutes and 12 seconds off of my last 10 km run, and completed it in 1:05:58.

I headed home, took a nice long hot shower, returned a few calls, and then headed over to Sabine’s “Soccer Spectacular” to help cheer on Austria (who didn’t win, although they sure put in a good show). Then, tucked out, I came home for a much-needed nap. Keith and I are now watching Lost in Translation before we head out to see the late show. I’m finally going to check out the new Indy while Keith joins Scott M at his Cinema 3 screening. All-in-all it’s been a fun and full weekend!