April 2008


Back to work and a busy day of it. I was feeling a bit run-down and had a nasty headache so I went home and napped at lunch. I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon and by the end of the work day decided to go for a run. Keith and I headed to the track at UNBSJ so I could re-calibrate my Nike + iPod nano, but for some reason the track was all locked up. So, while we were out that way, we stopped into the Regional to visit John. He should finally be getting out today – with his new, slightly-more limited diet. After that, we stopped at our apartments to change and then headed to Swiss Chalet for a late dinner. I started to fade at that point, so after dinner, I dropped Kieth off at his place and then headed home to crawl in bed. My headache had come abck with a vengeance and my throat was getting pretty sore.

The Montreal Road Trip with Keith

Went to Montreal last weekend and had a great time, but am glad to be home.
A short overview:

FRIDAY – get up early and pick up Keith and drive to Montreal, check into cozy hotel room and go to Sho-dan for amazing sushi.

SATURDAY – breakfast in an oddly quiet downtown, take the metro to pick up our race packets, then walk and shop along St. Catherine Street, which became insanely crowded. UFC was in town that evening and we saw one of the fighters on the street. Great people-watching, but too crowded for my liking. We crashed for a bit back at the hotel before heading out to watch a bit of the Habs game and a tasty spaghetti and smoked meat dinner at Reubens, then back to hotel to watch game and rest up for the race.

SUNDAY – 9 AM – I ran the 5k in 30:38, a PB (personal best) but I still wish I’d broken the 1/2 hour mark. At 10, Keith ran the 1/2 marathon and wanted to break the 2-hour mark. He did it in 1:55:00. :-) We headed back to the hotel for a bit then went out for burgers at a diner and a wee bit more shopping. We did dinner at Bar-B-Barn, and were both utterly exhausted.

MONDAY – up early and left Montreal at 7AM. Drove to Quebec City and stopped in at the Laurier Mall for a last bit-o-shopping. There’s an awesome gaming store in that mall (on the 3rd floor) that we spent a fair amount of time at. Then hit the road and head back to NB. The deer came out as the sun went down adn we saw some mighty road kill, and thankfully managed to make it home safely.

TUESDAY – so glad I took the day off. Slept in, napped, caught up with Jay over coffee, went and picked out new frames for my new glasses prescription (will be a couple of weeks before they come in), napped, hung out with Keith & watched “In The Name of the King” (starring Jason Statham) which was MST-worthy bad. :-)


I‘ve been looking forward to the weekend since Monday morning. Not a good sign, I know. I’m spending the week trying to be productive during the day and trying to enjoy quiet evenings. So far, not bad. Monday was a bit of a rough day but it’s gotten better since then. Not much else going on – saw Leatherheads last night, which was cute.

Le Weekend

  • Did makeup for SJTC Second Stage’s Script Happens one-act plays Friday and Saturday night.
  • Caught up with Colin over breakfast at Reggies on Saturday. It was nice to see him!
  • Saw the shows Saturday – quite entertaining!
  • Stopped in at the cast party for a bit (still laughing at Keith’s karaoke version of “Oh Yeah” by Outkast)
  • Headed to Elwoods to cheer Jason on as he performed as Penny Blacks with the full band. I always want to hear more from them. :-)
  • After Penny Blacks was the Tom Fun Orchestra, which were great. First time I’d heard them. I picked up thier CD.
  • Enjoyed a good session of D&D Sunday evening. Welcome to Brian B.

RIP Sasha Whitesridge

After a long and stressful day at work, I rushed over to the NB Museum to do aging makeup for some characters for Script Happens, and then rushed over to Scott & Mare’s for our Serenity RPG. The game went well and we accomplished a lot, and at the end of the evening my chracter was killed. I’d been planning on leaving the game for a while and I thought that her getting killed would be the most appropriate way to go. It has been fun, but I’m not as into the ‘verse as all y’all. So happy gaming andgood luck to the rest of the crew. You’ll need it. ;-)

Aging Stage Makeup

Tried to get out for a run before heading to do makeup for SJTC Second Stage: Script Happens (3 one-act plays), but forgot to take my inhaler before I went out, so my asthma kicked in at about 10 minutes in, which meant I had to walk home, and by the time I took my inhaler, I didn’t have time to go back out.

The aging was kind of fun. thankfully makeup for the Mary Oland Theatre has to be pretty light, as the theatre company makeup kit is pretty low on things like foundations, etc. It’s a busy week and I have other things to go to tonight and tomorrow night so I’ll be trying to do the makeup early so I won’t be late for my other commitments.


Well I finally broke down and picked up Season 1 of Battlestar Gallactica. I know that friends who have watched this series absolutely love it, and of the couple of episodes I’ve watched, it had looked great, but I could tell that it was the type oof show where you really need to start watching it from the beginning. Last summer, Kizzy and I watched the miniseries that started the new TV series. It was fantastic, and we’d meant to watch the rest of season 1, but we never got around to it. So now I actually have it, and have re-watched the minisereies (just as good a second time) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this show.

Has Spring Sprung?

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but it’s been nice for more than 2 days in a row. And the snow is actually melting! I’ll have to make plans soon to change back from the snow tires….

Enjoyed The Assassination of Jesse James last night, by the way. Very well done on many levels, but not a fast-paced action adventure.

Weekend Update

A relatively peaceful weekend. Trying to finish a logo for someone, finished reading “The Art of Coarse Acting” by Michael Green, which Lisa M had lent to me. It’s pretty cute. Caught up with Dan & Jay over breakfast at Cora’s ($15 for a cup of yogurt a wedge of granola and some fresh fruit and a coffee, though!). Enjoyed a lovely dinner party at Suzy’s with the gals, got a bit of fresh air on Sunday – when it actually felt like Spring, and saw Nim’s Island with Lisa F, which was cute. All-in-all a good weekend.

Friday Feast #186

Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it.
Litamelia – lightly scented – a cross between snap-dragons and lillies, light in colour.

Name someone whom you think has a wonderful voice.
Kelly Meyers. Alex Ferguson.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how clean do you keep your car?
8.5 or 9. During the winter it’s hard to keep on top of the dirt that gets tracked inside.

Main Course
How do you feel about poetry?

What was the last person/place/thing you took a picture of?
My boyfriend Keith in his awesome new coat. I have been meaning to upload it. :-)