September 12th, 2007

BioShock Reviewed

I recently picked up the game BioShock for the xbox 360 and I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not normally fond of first-person shooters but this one is keeping me pretty entertained. The other day, my friend Hans sent me a link of a review of BioShock by Ben Croshaw that sums up the experience in a hilarious and very creative way:

Zero Punctuation review of BioShock by Ben Croshaw for Escapist Magazine

“Old” is a Relative Concept

I gave my mother a call at lunch to wish her a happy birthday. She’s turning 60. It’s hard to believe, because she doesn’t seem to be old. She had mentioned that she used to think 60 was really old, but now that she’d there, she still feels young. She said that she’s found that she considers 15 years older than her current age to be old…(wow – I can’t believe that I’ll be 50 in only 15 years!)

I think age is a pretty relative thing. I think the concept of being “old” also depends on the state of one’s attitudes. I know peope who are well into their 80′s who don’t seem old. But then I also know folks in their 30′s who do.

Anyway – Happy Birthday to my mum, who will always be ageless to me!