May 2007

>A Little Break

>I headed up to Joanna’s for a bit of a break on Friday evening. It was 11&@248; C in Saint John and 26&@248; C at her place. As soon as I’d turned off the highway at Bloomfield and opened the windows in the car, I could smell tat ownderful smell of nature in late Spring. It was a nice relaxing break, and good to get away from the city for a bit.

>In the Groove -ish

>Lisa and I went for a short run after work yesterday but I’d forgotten my inhaler. It was probably a good thing that we took it super-easy since it was her first time out, and my first time back in 3 months. Still, it was great to get out and get soem fresh air! After the run, I headed to Kizzy’s for an awesome salmon dinner and Season 1 Episode 1 of the new Battlestar Gallactica – which was 3 hours long and totallty enthrallingly awesome!

I’m feeling a bit better today – slightly less stressed.

>Back to it

>Well, I’ve started back at the gym and could use the exercise endorphines. Thanks Lisa, for getting me to go. I needed it. As much as I’m looking forward to new work opportunities, it’s still stressful. Also thanks to all of my awesome supportive friends.

>Work Stress

>Essentially there hasn’t been enough work between testing and design to keep me busy so my job is being phased out. I have 3 months to find something else within the company or externally, so I’m dusting off and updating my resume and exploring my options. Either way, as scary as it may be, I’m looking forward to a bit of a change.

>There was a Cabaret….

>Thanks to everyone who came out to see Cabaret, and thanks for all of the great feedback! It was an excellent production to be involved with and despite my grumblings about lasck of free time, I really enjoyed working on it!

That was my first time set-desiging and my first time stage managing. It was retty cool to see the set go from a vision in my head to reality, and I was so thankful that it worked! Thank goodness for Darik and his amazing lighting! We were able to make one space look like many different locations. As for stage managing, it was pretty cool to be up in the booth and calling the show… kinda like mission control!

>Friday’s Feast #144

List 3 emotions you experienced this week.
I have been happy, worried and frustrated this week.

Name a car you’d love to have.
Audi TT Quatro.

Describe your typical morning routine.
feed cats/go back to sleep/alarm/washroom/makeup/hair/dress for work/grab food on the way out the door.

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?
You mean someone I don’t actually know? No.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
The Tartan Podcast: Mellow Monday Show and TED regularly.

>Cabaret Opening Night!!

>Well the student dress went ok. I still won’t be happy until I’ve gotten all the kinks out with cue-calling. I would love to see it all go super-smooth from my end. It was a busy night last night as we had Darrell come in and tape the show (so we could have a copy for our archives) and was had Global TV come in and interview Karen and Bertis and Stephen and film a bit of the show. And I’m pretty excited about Opening Night tonight!!!

>This is the big week!

>That’s right folks, it’s the week we move into the Imperial and get ready for the show! Cabaret opens on Thursday night, but our first audience will be Wednesday with the student dress rehearsal. I huge thank-you to Andrea C for telling me to book Monday to Wednesday off work. Whew! Talk about busy!!

Friday night was a run-through of the whole show (well, with the CD player) and Saturday was a day off for the cast, which meant a few of us could get some things done. I ran a few errands in the morning and then took a break to go to Richard’s opening for his short film, “Dead to the World,” which I had done some special FX makeup for last summer. That was a fun outing, and I enjoyed the trailers for the Savage brothers film and Richard’s next film (which I’d worked on with Alex). I then headedd back home to Cabaret stuff.

Sunday was another full day as I tried to help here and there with getting things moved and set up, but didn’t feel like I was in the right place at the right time for most of the afternoon. Then at 3:30, Jenn unlocked St Mac’s for me so I could tape out the set for our run with the band. I was home around 10:30 and was exhausted. Long day and I knew Monday would be….

Monday. 8 AM at the Imperial as the scaffolding company came in to set stuff up. I stuck around to help as I could and ran out to get a couple of things. I took a break mid-afternoon to pop home and grab a couple of things (including food – yes I wound up getting pad thai) and headed back to the Imperial. I left the Imperial at 12:15 AM after a long night of cue-to-cue where we slowly made our way though half as much as we would have liked. That being said, I think tomorrow thigs will go a lot more smoothly, as both Darik (lighting) and I can get a few things done, each on our own, before the cast call for the evening. Still, it’ll be another very long night.

Despite the length of the day and the slow speed of things happening, I have to say, I am just plain ol’ happy to see the set actually looking and working like I had in my head. Industrial and versatile. Darik’s lighting and Kiki’s painting certainly help!

Now – to sleep and dream the night away – no doubt my dreams will be filled with cue calls…. :-)


>Huh. I went looking for the Friday Feast and it wasn’t there. Ah well. Busy times continue with a healthy dose of work stress added in to the mix. At least I have a few days off at the start of next week so I can really focus on Cabaret. We move into the Imperial on Sunday – I can’t wait!!

>Cranking it up…

>We ran the first half of the show last night and it was a real treat. After being away for a day while the cast worked through all of their dances, Stephen and I came back to a show that has been stepped up a couple of notches in all aspects. The dances are much more vibrant and punchy and precise, everyone really had their lines down, and the overall energy and focus was enhanced. Stephen has promised the cast that if they do well tonight and tomorrow night, they can have Saturday off. :-)