>My evening felt like it was about 20 minutes long and it wasn’t because I worked late. I had a gret workout with Lisa at the gym, even though it was so busy that we had to really modify our routine. I stopped in at the loft to pick something up from Scott M (but he’d forgotten to bring it). Saint Johhn Theatre Company: Second Stage is holding auditions for four great locally written one act plays and the full-length, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

I then headed to the east side and picked up Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 and used copies of Match Point and Lucky Number Slevin.

I also rented a couple of movies while I was at Blockbuster. You see, the other day, I rented Beowolf and Grendel and that led to my recent discovery of Gerard Butler. I faintly remember having seen him in Tomb Raider, but then I realized that he was in a couple of movies that I’d intended on seeing a long while back but never gotten around to: namely, Dracula 2000 and The Phantom of the Opera. I’m looking forward to watching those this week while I work on a painting.

By the time I got home and ate, it was 10 PM. I opted to just check out the opening sequence to FFXII and wound up playing for 2 hours and had to force myself to put it down and get to sleep. I faintly remember hwo Lisa and Scott M both said it was addictive and now I understand!