>A Fun Weekend

>Friday was a quiet evening. I hadn’t slept well the night before so I made it an early night and didn’t get much done other than puttering about my apartment.

Saturday I did some makeup for Richard’s film and lunched with the guys before running off to play a nice big session of D&D. The game was great! Jay obviously had done a lot of planning for it and all of our characters had something cool happen to them. I didn’t want the game to end, except for the fact that I was getting peckish – at least for something more substantial than munchies. We decided to head to Boston Pizza and called a few folks to join us. After a lengthy dinner, we then headed back to Jay & Lisa’s to play some games. Guitar Her and DDR were set up in the basement, and while we were having fun with that, a few folks started a game of charades upstairs. Soon enough we would up plaing The Name Gmae (much like Taboo but with names and not as teams- essentially you have to et someone to say a name of someone famous without actually telling them the name). IT was a blast and we wound up playing 2 games. I can’t believe that I lasted as long as I did. It was 2 AM by the time we started to pack things up for the evening. Normally I’d have bailed at 10:30. I must have been having a good time!

Sunday was a quiet day. SOme tidying in the morning and a short run around noon, then napped in the afternoon before making supper and settling in to work on Colin’s painting. While I painted, I half-watched Step-Up and Beowolf and Grendel.