November 2006

>Good food, good friends and a touch of productivity.

>I caught up with Chad last night over a tasty dinner at Swiss Chalet. This seems like the calm before the storm of the Christmas season. Still, though, I’m aiming for a fairly quiet Christmas this year.

While we were out, I also picked up some supplies for painting so I can do a couple of commissioned pieces for a co-worker.

I then spent the latter half of my evening getting things ready for the reading of Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika next Tuesday a t 7:00 PM at the SJTC loft (86 Prince William Street, 4th floor). All are welcome by the way – there are 25 parts to read and we need both readers and listeners!

>Painting Again

>Kristi and I made plans to do a bit of painting last night. We started the evening with a quick trip to the grocery store and then a quick and tasty dinner at Swiss Chalet, and then we headed back to my place to get to work on the paintings.

Kristi is working on a painting that will be a Christmas gift. She managed to get it blocked in which is a great start. I, on the other hand, have FINALLY gotten back to Colin’s b-day painting. I’ve decided to do it in oil so it’ll be slower going but the results should be more along the lines of what I am looking for. We watched Singing in the Rain while we worked, as Kristi hadn’t seen it. What a wonderful film. I never tire of it and I’m always amazed by the incredible talents of Gene Kelly.

>A Printer & A Movie

>I had intended to hit the gym last night but my cough developed into something pretty wicked by the end of the day due to some good ol’ chest congestion. So instead, I headed out to Staples and got a new printer for myself. My old printer was ready to retire and I’d been puting off getting a new one. So many choices, but I wound up getting an HP printer that is pretty basic. I don’t need one that also scans and copies and is a fax machine. I went with HP because it’s less expensive to refill the ink cartridges and seemed a good price for the quality I was looking for. When I hooked it up to my Mac, it worked wonderfully with the OS and now I can even print right from iPhoto!

I then curled up on the couch and settled in to watch The Virgin Suicides, which Colin had lent to me. It’s hard to belive that this was the first movie that Sofia Coppola directed. It’s wonderful.

>Weekend Update

>Our work Christmas party was on Friday evening. I know – it does seem a bit early to have a Christmas party, but I’d imagine it gets more difficult to book things the closer you get to Christmas. This year we had a dinner and dance that was held upstairs at the thistle-St. Andrew’s Curling Club in the north end. The decorations were lovely (lots of white twinkle lights) and it was nice to see everyone dressed up. I opted to stick to straight Clamato juice as I was dealing with a cold. The dinner was lovely. Lots of turkey and dressing and veggies. I devoured a very large plate of food and enjoyed the conversations and company. Then the band started. It seemed like a small space to have a live band. So it was pretty loud. They sounded good (even though I don’t listen to country or country rock) but I was getting an ear-ache and couldn’t hear any more conversation so I opted to head home after making it through their first song. (As it is, I already have a hard time chatting in busy social situations where there’s lots of background noise, as I always find myself struggling to hear what people are saying.)

Saturday was an afternoon of play readings at the Saint John theatre Company loft. I actually wasn’t really looking forward to them because I felt as though I still wanted a bit of a break from theatre, but I went anyway and wound up really enjoying the afternoon. There was a good turnout and the plays and the readings were great. It’ll be hard for the committee to pick a few for the one-acts in February, but I’m happy to be choosing from a selection of ones I like.

After the readings a few of us wound up down at Churchill’s to get a bite to eat. After that, Jay & Lisa M & I headed over to Lisa & Anthony’s to check out their Nintendo Wii. It was pretty cool, although not something I think I’d buy. There is something to be said for playing tennis/baseball/golf/bowling/car racing with a wireless 3-d controller. Definitely worth checking out. We then decided to head over to the Blue Olive to see Kizzy singing with the house band, but she’d called in sick, so we stuck around for one drink and then headed home. It had been a full day.

Sunday was a blissfully quiet one. I did a bit of gaming (yes – more Lego Star Wars on the Xbox 360) and headed out to the vortex (as I lovingly call McAllister place & environs, thanks to the fact that I usually head out that way intending to take 20 minutes and pick up one item, and wind up spending 4 hours and more money than I’d planned – it just sucks you in!) I wound up picking up the one item I went out to get – a new artists easel. This will make working on paintings a lot easier than my table-top easel that I was using. Also, it will holder larger canvasses than the table-top one. I plan to get back to painting this week. I didn’t start on Sunday because I wanted to finish the book that I’m reading for book club (Luck by Joan Barfoot). I wound up staying up a bit late to finish it. It was a good and interesting read. Her style or writing is quite unique. I’m looking forward to our first book club meeting next Sunday!

>Mmmm… Bond

>I went to see the early show of Casino Royale last night. It was even better than I’d hoped for. I think Daniel Craig makes an excllent new Bond. The movie was long but good. Totally worth seeing on the big screen. Lots of great action that aren’t too gadget laden. Excellent eye candy on all levels too! Unfortunately, Kizzy and I were seated between a guy chatting to his girlfriend about the film through the entire thing and a woman (in the row behind us actually) who hummed through the entire film. Ah the joy of going to the theatre…. :-)

>Friday Feast #119

Have you ever changed a flat tire by yourself?

Do you have an “innie” or an “outie” belly button?

Name a new paint color and describe it.
Deep Sea – rich blue/green/purple swirls

Main Course
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
The unwrapping of the gifts on Christmas morning one at a time while enjoying coffee and treats and listning to classic Christmas tunes. It makes it more of an event than if you rush through it.

If you were a cookie, what kind of cookie would you be, and why?
I have no idea.


>Things are slow at the moment. Work is busy, but all else is pretty slow. I’m enjoying the break. And I need a bit more rest – to try and get healthier again. Thank goodness for modern over-the counter cold medications that mask symptoms enough that I can function!

I’ve been listening to radio stations over iTunes lately. Today I’m listening to The 1920′s Radio Network while I work.

I’m looking forward to seeing Casino Royale tonight. I’ve heard it’s long but good. I think it’ll be worth seeing on the big screen. I hope the crowd isn’t too chatty though. I have to admit that I’d probably go to the theatre more often if people weren’t so noisy. It’s so disrespectful to other people there. I’m reminded of the Student Dress Rehearsal we did at the Imperial last week. I couldn’t believe how much people were talking through it. The worst part is when you’re up there putting on a show and pouring your heart out and you can hear the chatting. And trust me – we CAN hear you out there. /end rant

>More Lego Star Wars!

>I was feeling unusually tired yesterday, and I barely managed to drag myself through my work day. Even a caffeine boost didn’t seem to help. So I decided a quiet night in was the order of the day. I picked up a used copy of Lego Star Wars II for the Xbox 360 and enjoyed that for a while. (I’d played the first one through to the end and loved it!)

Now I know why I was so tired yesterday. I woke up this morning with a new cold. Hopefully this one won’t last too long.

>Quiet Time

>Colin, Beth & I caught up with Joanna after work yesterday. She’s about to head to Halifax for her jaw surgery and she’ll be away from work for a couple of months. I hope it all goes well for her!

After that, I made a quick stop at Superstore for some cat food, and then headed home to enjoy a quiet evening in. I spent a bit of time gaming (Oblivion), and a bit of time reading.

It looks like I’ll be ataking one more day off before I get back to the gym. The feet, legs and back are still sore and I don’t want to hurt myself.

>Post-Show Recuperation

(Thanks to Brian Goodwin for the great photo!)

I had an awesome time doing Noises Off! Thanks to a wonderful cast and crew for making it such a great experience. I learned a lot about physicality for this show. Last week was hectic to say the least. And Saturday was so full. We did two shows that day, and my family met me for dinner and came to see the show. Mom and Dad, and Pat and Jennifer came from the Halifax area, and Jessie and Reg came all the way from Saskatoon! It was so nice to see everyone!

I caught up with them after the show, then popped in at the cast party – just long enough for the speeches and then went home to rest. I wasn’t up for a night of drinking and dancing. I was way too tired and my legs and (especially) my feet were too sore to even keep standing.

Sunday was indeed a day of rest. I met my family for a late breakfast at Reggie’s, and we hung out at my place for a bit before they headed back to Halifax. I got a nice long nap in, and then I went to see the early evening show of Stranger Than Fiction, which was quite enjoyable. I got home, gamed for a bit, then hit the hay.

I’d planned on getting to the gym today but I’m going to have to put that off until tomorrow. My legs and feet are still really sore.