July 2006

>Hot Weather Uptown!

>It was actually warm uptown all weekend, which was a real treat. No surprise that I had another busy weekend….

FRIDAY: napped after working a bit late, then headed out to The Blue Olive with Kristi and Ann for a bit. Was still tired so didn’t stay for long.

SATURDAY: allergy treatment at Healthy Path, then gym with Lisa and Anthony, then rehearsal then groceries, then a quick bite to eat then Fun-Zai then Christi W’s party for a bit. Got home at 1:30 AM.

SUNDAY: bailed on plans to run. Too hot anyway. Saw Miami Vice (was stylish and action-packed), tidied then took a short nap, had rehearsal then read for a bit.

>Friday’s Feast

What’s the funniest dream you can remember having?
Hmmm… I don’t know if my dreams are ever really funny. They are usually action-adventure.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
Great Dane? I have no idea why – I think I just like them :-) It would be fun to be a huge dog who acts like a lap dog!

Continue this sentence: “I get confused when…”
I don’t know what’s gong on.

Main Course
Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing.
Colin’s birthday painting (his birthday was in January) and design of stained glass panels for summer, autumn and winter to complete the set for the front windows.

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?
Earlier this week I tried a new recipe for Ginger Fried Beef from one of The Best of Bridge cookbooks.


>I went to the Healthy Path Allergy Clinic in Rothesay and got tested for sensitivities yesterday. There were a few surprises (like pork, cucumbers, and cotton), and a couple of dissapointmnets (like coffee and chili powder), but most of them were pretty obvious. What was really interesting was the fact that I could see the level of sensitivity with each thing.

Here is a list of my current sensitivities in groupings from more sensitive to less sensitive;

cat hair

cheeses, milks, detergents, chlorine
MSG, Lactose-N, nicotine, candida (yeast), grasses
eggs, brown sugar, cat epithelium
dust mites, horse hair, weeds
hot chili oil, pork, black pepper, cucumber, dust, perfume
bell peppers, coffee, food colourings, yogurt, cotton, trees
olive oil, tuna, wheat bran, whole wheat, chili powder, dog hair, polyester
chocolate, soybeans, artificial sweetner, plum, peach, raspberry, strawberry, lactic acid

>In Loving Memory


What sad news when I came in to work and found out that Joanna had to put Stella down. She was a young dog, but she lead a full and wonderful life. My condolences, Joanna. The loss of such a great companion must surely be difficult.


>As I mentioned yesterday, I’m now directing the award-winning one-act play, The Zoo Storey for Theatre on the Edge. I’d like to welcome Alex and Keith on board in the roles of Jerry and Peter respectively. We only have 3 short weeks until opening night, so we start rehearsals tonight.

I’d also like to point out that I’ve updated and added a number of links along the left.

>Trying to Roll With The Punches

>Three weeks until Theatre on the Edge and I was just getting started with rehearsals for The Spelling Bee when I heard from Huey who had to drop out. Since we don’t have anyone around who can fill in for him, we’ll have to put that show on the back burner for now. Perhaps we can do it next year!

So, Jay has suggested a play by Edward Albee called The Zoo Story to fill the void and I really like it! I found a good descriotion of it on enotes.com:

“The story, in simplest terms, is about how a man who is consumed with loneliness starts up a conversation with another man on a bench in Central Park and eventually forces him to participate in an act of violence. According to Matthew Roudane, who quoted a 1974 interview with Albee in his Understanding Edward Albee, the playwright maintained that he got the idea for The Zoo Story while working for Western Union: “I was always delivering telegrams to people in rooming houses. I met [the models for] all those people in the play in rooming houses. Jerry, the hero, is still around.” Combining both realistic and absurd elements, Albee has constructed a short but multi-leveled play dealing with issues of human isolation, loneliness, class differences, and the dangers of inaction within American society. He focuses on the need for people to acknowledge and understand each other’s differences. After garnering its initial critical praise, The Zoo Story went on to win the Village Voice Obie Award for best play and ran for a total of 582 performances. The Zoo Story continues to be a favorite with university and small theatre companies and persists in shocking and profoundly affecting its audiences.”

So now it’s just a matter of getting it cast and getting going with rehearsals. Hopefully I’ll have that worked out by the end of the day!

>Weekend in Review

>Friday was a blissfully quiet day at work as about half of the office had taken the day off. I managed to get ton done and felt great about it. After work, I got my stuff together and headed over to the Gothic Arches for another evening of makeup for Macbeth. I wasn’t in the mood to socialize and I knew the cast party would be Saturday night so I just headed home to relax for the remainder of my evening.

Saturday was a pretty decent day. I went through my cookbooks and found an old recipe that I hadn’t made in years so I could bring something to the cast party (which was a potluck). I made sweet & spicy cashew chicken. I enjoyed the process and found that it forced me to slow down for a while and get into a bit of a zone. The next thing I knew, it was time to head back over to the Gothic Arches for the last round of Macbeth makeup. After the show, I brushed out the witches hair pieces and then headed to my place for a “pit stop” with Kristi to get changed, have a quick glass of wine and freshen up. I guess we took a bit longer than expected, as we got a call from someone at the arches informing us that they were waiting on us to do the thank-you speeches – oops! Kizzy joined us and we headed over. Thanks to everyone for the lovely gift certificate to Ambiance Day spa. I plan to use that soon…. perhaps for a pedicure… :-)

The cast party was pretty mellow. I think things got shut down somewhere around 2:30, and since a few of us were still in the mood to keep going, we headed over to Kizzy’s. I had a blast singing show tunes at the top of my lungs with Amber – LOL. I think we called it a night around 6:30. I know it was light out as we were leaving. Good times. :-) And of course, that means I spent the better part of Sunday recuperating.

So, a quiet Sunday with a first rehearsal for “The Spelling Bee” that evening. I only had half of my cast there (it’s a 2-man show) but we got some stuff covered. Lots for him to think about and work on. After that I finally had the free time and inclination to put on “Angels in America” (which Jay has kindly lent to me). I watched the first part, “Millennium Approaches” while flipping through some cookbooks to find something new to make for myself for dinner. It was lovely and relaxing.

>Friday Feast #103

Fill in the blanks: I ____________ when I _____________.
I get in “the zone” when I get creative. :-)

Name something you use to make your home smell good.
I don’t use air fresheners. My place smells great when i’ve jst cleaned it, and it smells best when I’ve been cooking.

If you could receive a coupon in the mail for 50% off any product, what would you want it to be for?
Because I could use a new home computer, and since Apple rarely puts anything on sale, I’d choose a MacBook Pro.

Main Course
Besides sleeping, what do you spend the majority of the hours of your typical day doing?
At work, in front of a computer.

What can you hear right now while answering these questions?
The not-so-quiet hum of the air conditioning, coworkers on conference calls, one who is on a conference call and is on speakerphone, the printer, and other general office noises.

>Aww Yeah

>A night of from my theatrical pursuits gave me the opportunity to have a proper meal and clean my apartment. By 10 pm I was done and could relax for a bit with my Xbox. It had been a while since I played Oblivion, so for kicks, I started a new character – this one is a female Wood Elf who is a Bard, born under the sign of the Shadow. I only played long enough to get her out of the sewers – that takes close to an hour. And guess what? Yes, that is right, ladies and gentleman – I have another free evening tonight!OK , so I plan on using half of it to get some things done, but I am so looking forward to just lazing about with the cats!

>Sorry for the delay…

>Let’s see now… Friday night was another evening of makeup for Macbeth. Saturday was a day “off” which meant I had time to catch up ith Colin over brunch at Reggies before heading out to run errands. Then Saturday evening – back to the Gothic Arches for more Macbeth makeup. Most of the makeup crew was away on the weekend, so I managed to convince Lisa M to help me out. (Thanks, Lisa M, for filling in and doing a great job!) After the show on Saturday night, I stopped out at the Blue Olive for a bit to cheer Kizzy on as she sang with the house band, Opa. Then it was off to the cast party #1 at Allain’s for an hour before calling it a night. I was pretty wiped.

I woke up on Sunday feeling exhausted, and subsequently spent most of the day hanging with the cats and snoozing. I finally managed to get up and get going in time to see the 3 PM showing of The Devil Wears Prada, which I quite enjoyed. Sunday evening I did the witches makeup for the Shakespeare Feast, and then headed over to Kizzy’s with Kristi and Ann to watch The Producers, which I didn’t really enjoy. Although I did wake up the next morning with the tune “Springtime for Hitler” stuck in my head. :-)

Monday woke up with le full-blown cold. Sigh. Had a rough day at work as the cold medications tried to do their thing. Grabbed a much-needed nap at lunch and then again after work and was feeling quite a bit better by the time I had to head for the callback audition for Noises Off. After that I caught up with Jay, Ann, Kristi and Kizzy for a bit before calling it a night. Now I’m just itching to hear back about the callbacks. The waiting is the hardest part.