January 2006

>Monday Evening Excitement

>Last night I headed over to the first production meeting for Macbeth. It may seem like an early start since the shows will be in July, but since Julie will be creating and building all of the costumes from scratch, she needs to get started now. Man – it’s going to look awesome!

I finished watching season 2 of Nip/Tuck. It turns out I only had one episode left to watch. Man it was awesome – and what a cliffhanger!

>And the excitement continues…..

>Friday night:
- tried to nap but my phone kept ringing
- showered, washed & dried my hair
- headed over to Lisa & Anthony’s just after 9 and hung out for a bit until Jay got there and I could give him his birthday gift (Happy 30th, Jay!!)
- left early as I wasn’t up for being all that social in the first place (even though it was really nice to see everyone)
- mmmm…. sleep, blessed sleep….

- got up and met Colin to head to the gym for a decent workout
- chowed down on Reggie’s breakfast to re-fuel after the gym
- went home to start watching Nip/Tuck Season 2
- 5 episodes later, I managed to feed myself and the kittens
- headed over to Happinez for Colin’s birthday celebration (Happy belated, Colin!!)
- had a nice time – some good wine, a couple of nice conversations and nothing too loud or crazy
- got home later than I’d expected, but still early enough to throw in another episode of Nip/Tuck

- slept in as best I could
- puttered about for a bit
- made it to the first production meeting for Sight Unseen. I’m head of wardrobe & makeup. Not a big deal as there are only four actors in the show. It’ll be a fun one to work on. The set is going to be amazing!!
- went home to try and get rid of my headache to no avail. Wound up watching more Nip/Tuck Season 2 while working on a painting.
- went back to the loft for 7:30 PM for our first off-book rehearsal of Coelacanth. Had a fun rehearsal. Sorry Kristi for keeping you so late when you still had to drive to Moncton. Hope you had a safe trip.
- came home to watch more Nip/Tuck Season 2. Have 3 more episodes to go. Can’t wait to see them!

- considered not coming in to the office as I STILL have my headache and can’t seem to shake it
- came in to work to distract myself with work – which actually seems to be working!

>Friday Feast

Choose one: Popcorn, Pizza, Pretzels, Peanuts, or Pasta.
Pasta. I make it a lot. It’s easy to make and I don’t seem to get tired of it.

Describe your personality in terms of a particular vehicle.
Wow – I could probably answerr this if I had room in my brain for it, but I just can’t seem to think of an answer. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

If you won a shopping spree, from which store would you want it to be?
Harrods. I normally couldn’t afford to buy what I want from there, it would give me an opportunity to take a fun trip overseas, they have an amazing variety of high-quality items – from pickles to diamonds.

Main Course:
Which television show re-runs do you enjoy watching?
Television? LOL – as if I had time! ROFL

If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million?
Sure – all of the above would be great. It’d be nice to see things in a few hundred years, I suppose. Long enough that things can change quite a bit but not too long that I wouldn’t be able to look up cuture generations of my family.

>I’ve been away

>I just got home from an extended marketing and team-building and personal development workshop for work. It was held in Halifax, and we were pretty much booked straight through from early morning to late night for the entire trip. It was fun and interesting but boy – am I ever glad to be home. I really missed Hunter and Grace. I hope you have all had a good week. My brain is full and tired. I know Friday will be an extremely busy work day and that is good because busy means that it’ll fly by and the next thing I know it’ll be the weekend!

>I <3 My Kittens

>I can’t resist posting this photo of Hunter & Grace napping…

Hunter and Grace

>Friday Feast

About how many times per day do you check your email?
If I’m at work, my email is constanly on in the background and it is set to look for new mail every 5 minutes. I may check my home email once or twice during the work day. At home, I try to check my email once per evening, and that’s usually if I’m working on a theatrical production. If I’m not in the midst of a production, it’s more along the lines of once or twice a week.

If you had the money to collect something really valuable, what would it be?
Real Estate. Then that could fund other valuable collections – like artwork and cars.

Write a sentence using the letters of your favorite beverage. (Example: The egret admires.)
Canada offers fun for everyone everyday.

Main Course:
If you could be on a game show, which one would you want it to be?
Uh – Jeopardy, I gues. Only because it would be fun to ask to take a question “…for $100, Alex.” (I’m not a fan of game shows.)

Name 3 computer programs or web sites you would hate to be without.
Photoshop, MSN Messenger, Word.

>Whacky Weather

>Man – that was some crazy wind and rain last night. I would have preferred to stay in for the evening but I had to take my kittens in to the vet for a booster shot. once I dropped them back off at home I figured I was already out and soaked so I may as well get a few things done. There were barely any other people out and about. I went and got a few much-needed groceries and then headed home. My walk where I managed to find a spot to my place was about a full block – and by the time I got home, my hair was so wet I could wring the water out of it! At least it was warm out!

>Another Full Evening

>I had one heck of a day yesterday so I was pleased that rehearsl for Coelacanth went well last night. Thanks to Chad and Kristi for diving right in and doing great work. Come to think of it, I really appreciate the effort that everyone put in. We blocked Scene 1 and gave it a little life – AND had a ton of laughs. :-)

I tried reading for a bit when I got home but my kittens had other plans. They have decided that it’s great fun to repeatedly get up into my clothing rack and make me come and reprimand them. Yes – they even purr when they know they are being bad. It’s a good thing they are so cute!

Hunter & Grace

>What Is Going On?

>I sometimes wonder what my cats are thinking when I am talking to them.

On another note, I’m sorry to say that Meg and Phil have both had to back out of Coelacanth. Unfortunately Meg’s manager doesn’t seem to respect her commitment to this play, and with Phil, there’s a very good chance that his wife will deliver their baby earlier than they had thought, which would conflict with the play. So, that being said, I’d like to welcome Kristi Neilsen to the role of ‘Mabel’ (oh Kristi – I’m going to have fun with your costume – just you wait!) and I’m still working on replacing Phil. Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: I’d like to welcome Chad Humphries in the part of ‘John’!

>A Nice Weekend

>I did a lot of puttering around my apartment this weekend – it was great!

On Friday night, I puttered until after 9 PM then I headed over to The Blue Olive to hear Kizzy sing with Opa. I didn’t drink much but I still had a pretty late night. As always, it was the prefect mix of fun + mellow + great company.

Saturday I hung out with the kittens and tidied my apartment and then spent the entire evening backing up and cleaning out files on my iMac. I know it doesn’t seem all that exciting but I felt a great sense of accomplishment for getting that done.

Sunday I made it to the gym for a decent workout, and then went to Reggies with Colin and caught up over breakfast. Then I spent the afternoon – guess what – puttering! I did manage to finally come up with what I want to do for Colin’s painting. That’s half the battle for me sometimes – figuring out just what I want to paint and what the layout will be. I have it all sketched out so now it’s just a matter of getting started with the actual paints. His birthday is next week but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it done for it. I hope he likes it. If not – too bad ;-) He knows I’m working on a painting for him but he doesn’t know what it is. I should think about doing some paintings that aren’t just for friends for their birthdays/housewarming/Christmas….