November 2005

>Links for the day…

>If you’re interested in wasting a bit of time, Alchemy is an addictive little game you can find at PopCap.

Looks like some folks have gotten rather upset offended the film Memoirs of a Geisha. Nothing like a bit of controversy for publicity.

>Today’s Update

>Yesterday at lunch a few friends threw a “kitten shower” for me. They came over and met Hunter & Grace and brought their lunches. There are some pretty cool toys – thanks eveyone for all of the wonderful gifts! Joanna and Beth and Tom and Colin came up with a nice variety of kitten toys and treats. The cats got all freaky possessive about one or two of the toys that more closelyt resemble an actual animal (which I’ve decided to put away for now). Joanne couldn’t make it but she left a bag at my desk with some cat toys and photo-frame kitten-themed Christmas cards. I’ll have to set up a Christmas photo session with my kittens so I can send some pics of them to a few friends and relatives. I wonder if I’ll be able to get them to stay still long enough. Lately, the only time they stop running and jumping and wrestling is if they are sleeping.

Yesterday evening was a relatively quiet one. There was a SJTC Second Stage Committee meeting and the rest of the night was spent at home trying to get a bit of reading done. Now that it’s almost December I’m starting to gear up for Christmas. I don’t normally do any Christmas decorating until the first of December and that will be the case this year as well. I’m not looking forward to putting my tree up – it’s an artificial tree and it’s a very time-consuming exercise to get it set up and get the lights on it. I hope it’ll go a bit more smoothly this year than it has in the past. Oh – and no doubt this will mean all sorts of adventures for the kittens!!!

>Too Funny!

>Kevin Spacey plays Christopher Walken as Han Solo and the late Walter Mattau as Obi Wan Kenobi. Darrell Hammond plays Richard Dryfus as C-3PO. Classic sketch from SNL spoofing behind the scenes footage of “Star Wars, the 20th Anniversary Home Video”.

>Catching Up

>I had a really nice evening catching up with Julie. We’ve spent months meaning to get together and hang out – but we usually only get a chance to do that when we are working on a production together. Not this time! Julie came over and met the kitties. It was a very relaxing evening and I hope it’s not so long before we get a chance to catch up again!

Thanks Jenn Sheils, for the cat toys & pounce! The kitties love them! As I type this, I am looking at the back of my hands and all of the tiny scratches all over them from the kittens. I’m working on getting them comfortable with my handling their paws – as I can’t wait to trim their little claws!!

>Who…. Me?!?

>Grace waking Hunter up
Grace waking Hunter up

I finally got my kittens this weekend -and they are SO adorable! I just love them!! They are 7 weeks old today and they weigh under 2 lbs each. Theyare adjusting very well – they will follow me from one room to another. Grace LOVES to play and attack things. She is pretty fearless and she likes to sit on me any time I’m around and not moving. Hunter is a lot more cautious than she is and prefers to hang out right next to me – still touching but not on me. They both have nice loud purrs and they are extra affectionate in the morning. They only wake me up once in the night – around 3:30 AM – as they want to play. That’s not bad – I was expecting more interruptions. Thankfully they have each other to play with.

>Friday Feast #71

What did you look like when you were a teenager?
I was tall and extremely skinny. Up to the age of 15, I was pretty darn geeky – with bad glasses and braces and I hadn’t mastered my hair. Then the summer between grades 10 & 11 I finally got my braces off (after 4 years), got contact lenses and grew my hair out and got a spiral perm (it was the ’80′s after all).

Whose advice do you listen to?
I listen to the advice of people who’s opinions I respect.

Name a book you would like to memorize.
What an odd question. I don’t think there’s necessarily any book that I’d like to memorize. I think I’ll stick to learning my lines when I get a part in a play.

Main Course:
How often are you sick?
Now and then. I’ve gotten a lot healthier over the last year or so and I don’t get sick – or as sick – half as often as I used to. Good food + regular exercise + vitamins + less stress = a better immune system.

Do you like or dislike change?
I like change. The only thing that is consistent is change itself.


>I saw Rent last night. The movie was decent. I had seen the production at the Imperial earlier this year and the sound was so bad that I couldn’t understand what they were saying or what plot lines were unfolding. At least with the movie, I could understand what was going on.

>Free Kittens!!

>There are still 3 male kittens left in the litter that are looking for a good home. If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll pass your contact info on to Bill & Dawn….

>Two Thumbs Up!

>I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was very entertaining – lots of action, some very humourous moments and one heck of a creepy Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort.

Only 3 more sleeps until I get my kitties!


>I picked up Lisa and we headed out to see the kittens at Bill & Dawn’s. Unfortunately Anthony couldn’t make it because he had to work. Hopefully he can come along on Saturday morning when we go back to get them to bring them to our homes!

Lisa and Anthony’s little girl kitty is a real lady – she is very good-natured!

Hunter (the male tabbi with grey paws) and Grace (the female with black fur and white paws) both love people and they love to explore. Neither of them is shy. They also learn things very quickly – and they are adorable!!