October 2005

>Halloween Weekend

>First and foremost, here is a photo of 4 of the kittens from the litter that I am picking from – man are they EVER adorable!!! They are 3 weeks old:

The Kittens

OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to summarize one rather hectic and fun weekend….

Friday I was pretty tired. I had stayed up till 4 AM finishing the mural on Thursday night so I napped at lunch and then again after work. Around 9:30 PM, I headed over to The Blue Olive to see Kizzy sing with the band Opa. It was a very nice evening – I loved the music they did and of course Kizzy was fabulous. She has a lovely voice and it was great to hear her sing something other than her usual karaoke choices. She looked and sounded fabulous! I’m looking forward to catching her the next time she performs. Oh yes – and Jamie’s song was hilarious – of course!

Saturday morning I wound up getting some much-needed groceries. By the time I got them unpacked and put away, it was time to head to rehearsal. We were working on Act 2 and as soon as my scene was done I got pulled away to help out with costumes, which was a nice little change. Then it was time to head home and do more costume stuff – this time for Halloween! Kristi and Ann came over and I helped them with their hair and makeup and we had a blast getting ready together. We then headed over to the ABEC to catch the Improv there. They were very good. My cheeks were sore from smiling so much, and I certainly enjoyed a few really good deep belly laughs. I think they have done a good job organizing it. It’s really worth seeing if you get a chance! (I think they’ll next be performing at the Somerset Pub on December 8th.)

After Improv, we did a lot of running around. We stopped in at the Somerset Pub but no one we knew was there yet. Then we went to Churchills for a drink and an appetizer, then The Ale House to say hello to one of Ann’s friends, then back to the Somerset Pub where we caught up with Kizzy and Jamie and Stephen. Kizzy and Jamie were dressed as “The Queen of Hearts” and “The Mad Hatter”. Brenda had made these amazing costumes for them. You could tell she put a lot of effort into them – they were incredible! We stuck around for a little bit and I got up and sang All That Jazz then we left and went to Allain’s for his house party. It was a nice gathering that was realatively low-key – which was just my speed for the evening. Here are the photos of folks in their costumes that I know you’ve been waiting for:

I called my costume “The Fallen Angel” because I’d lost some feathers from one of the wings – so it was easy to say that I broke it on my fall:
The Fallen Angel

Here is Suzy as a “Gypsy Fortune Teller” and Kristi as “The Ghost of Marie Antoinette”:
The Gypsy Fortune Teller and The Ghost of Marie Antoinette

Here is Ann as a “Can-Can Dancer” and Kizzy as “The Queen of Hearts”:
The Can-Can Dancer and The Queen of Hearts

Here is Jamie as a “The Mad Hatter”:
The Mad Hatter

And Here are Allain as a “Pirate” and Anthony as “Darth Vader”:
A Pirate and Darth Vader

And that was Saturday night. Sunday was another busy day. I visited the kittens at Bill and Dawn’s then made it back in town to the production meeting to catch up with Marzenna about makeup, then we had rehearsal where we ran the full show, then I was supposed to go to Liz’s pumpkin carving party but I couldn’t manage to gather the strength to go out again. I wound up having a very quiet night in. I really needed it.

>Sandy’s mural

>Yay! All done:

Sandy's mural

>In Progress

>Well, I didn’t quite get half way through the mural painting. Still, I hope to finish it tonight. So far it’s looking pretty decent. I’m glad the person I’m doing it for is happy. :-)

Bed time for me is usually 11:30 but when I work on artistic endeavors I tend to lose track of time. So I was up a little late last night – and it looks like I’ll eb doing the same tonight. It’s a good thing I like working on this stuff!

>This Week’s Project

>Last night I got things together in preparation for painting a mural in a baby’s room for a client. Tonight and tomorrow night I’ll be busy painting it. The design is pretty different from what I usually do – as it is meant to be a bit stylized and it has to match the bedding. I am anxious to get started. I find that once I get working on a painting or design project I get in “the zone” and lose track of time. I really enjoy it. It’s like meditating for me – and i can create something at the same time. :-)

>The Calm Before The Storm

>It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of October. Rehearsals are going well for A Christmas Carol. Last night was our first chance to spend a bit of time on the scene that I’m in. It’s a fun scene (as most of them are). The next rehearsal that I need to be at isn’t until Saturday. That gives me just enough time to do Sandy’s mural for her. She just had a baby in September and would like a mural painted that matches the bedding that her sister gave her for the baby. I have to do a bit of running around to pick up the paints needed. I had planned to do that this evening, but with the impending storm, I may have to go tomorrow at lunch instead. I wonder if the weather is really going to be as bad as the forecast predicts. Will we really get 50 mm of rain? How gusty will it really be? I guess we’ll find out soon enough….

>Andrea needs

>Thanks to Mare and Cyn for this fun exercise!

Google “[your name] needs” and see what you get…

- tuition to go to UCLA
- to be promoted to Commodore
- some help coming up with stalker songs
- treatment. Not a death sentence.
- some optimal sledding advice
- to be active and fun-loving
- to take a bus to the airport
- to be able to create written material
- a lot of special care
- a copy of selection rubric
- template for a slide show
- help about Annotator printing option
- a good punch recipe
- glasses – or do we?
- a profession in which she can express her inventive and idealistic side
- to use foundation
- time to relax
- a very loving, structured and understanding family
- a makeover
- to subtract 203 from 299
- YOU!!!

>It Was A Very Full Weekend

>… and I have a very full work week so I’ll try to make this quick:

Friday was lovely. I met up with a “few” friends for dinner at Suwanna, then headed over to Churchills for drinks. Thanks everyone for coming out and thanks Colin for organizing it.

Saturday was a hung over morning followed by an hours nap then rehearsal in the afternoon then a lovely dinner party at Scott T’s where we read Hedda Gabler between courses.

Sunday was visiting the kittens (they have thier eyes open now!) at Bill and Dawn’s, then back into town for the sound recording (I got to scream – that was fun & cathardic!) then stop in at Stephen’s store to pick up some reading material and say howdy, then a quick dinner at Churchills with Colin, then the Shakespeare Society reading of Much Ado About Nothing before heading home to crash hard and sleep like a log.

>Friday Feast

Do you button shirts top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top?
I start at breast level and go down, then go back and button the one above where I started.

What is your favorite sandwich?
I’m not a huge sandwich fan, and I don’t think I have an absolute favorite. I used to love BLTs when I was a teenager. I still enjoy them but don’t tend to get them that often. Now I usually go for egg salad or a reuben on rye bread.

What was a family project you helped work on as a child?
A family project? I don’t know if we really had family “projects.”

Main Course:
When have you acted phony?
When I am being polite to someone who has pissed me off.

Do you write letters or postcards? If so, to whom?
Every now and then I send a letter to my aunt Jessie. I used to write to Aldon and Natalie too – but I’ve gotten lazy. I just love getting letterrs, and I miss it. Getting an email from a distant friend can be nice, but it isn’t the same as a good ol’ letter.

>Workshop Tonight

>Tonight I will be hosting a workshop for the Saint John Theatre Company. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope it’ll be fun and informative:


The focus will be on coaching participants with hands-on experience and good practices when applying one’s own stage make-up. YOU will be applying make-up onto yourself in this exciting and educational session to prepare for the big show! This is an invaluable skill-set that every performer should have, whether new to the stage or experienced, male or female. The workshop will be particularly beneficial for people who will be involved in Imperial Theatre productions, such as the upcoming SJTC presentation of A Christmas Carol in November. If you have previously been in plays and musicals but have never learned this essential expertise, this is the perfect opportunity!

Key information you’ll need to know:

Thursday, October 20*, 2005 at 7 pm
Saint John Theatre Company Loft at 86 Prince William Street, 4th Floor
Suggested donation: $5

All are welcome to attend. Pre-register at stage@saintjohntheatrecompany.com or at 634-1990.  It is also suggested that you bring a small, free-standing mirror and a facecloth with you to the workshop. For those of you who cannot attend this fun and informational workshop on October 20 but are still interested in participating, please register and we will be contacting people in the spring with further information on our next session.



>I’m all for it. I think recycling is a great thing. We are trying it out at our office – even composting!

However, I have a little beef with the way they have it set up. They took my garbage from my desk. Now all I have is a big blue bin for paper. I throw away about 2 pieces of paper/month. Most of my garbage is actual garbage: the empty yogurt container from my morning yogurt, the empty coffee cup from my daily afternoon coffee, the empty styrofoam container from my lunch from the market, etc….

And then there is the whole kleenex thing. I have allergies. I go through at least one box of kleenex a week – and that’s without having a cold. My used kleenex need to go into the compost bin which is down the hall next to the regular garbage bin. I now have a pile of garbage and used kleenex sitting on my desk because I haven’t had a chance to get up and go throw them away because I’ve been busy actually working. Lovely.

Let’s just say, I’m not impressed.