April 2005


>I once again find myself facing the weekend with all sorts of things to do, but I am also going to try to maintain a little balance…

What Must Get Done:
- finish that logo for a client who is excited about getting her business going

Some Items That I’d Really Like To Get Done (in no particular order):
- file that big pile of papers that I’ve been meaning to file for the past few months
- re-organize my jewelry box. I waste precious moments each morning searching for that one pair of earrings
- re-do the female figure in the Knopff knockoff
- start that housewarming gift for Joanna – I should have that done for the 13th of May
- finish the interior design comps for my landlord
- scan items for friends site
- add 2005 photos to this site
- add murals section to portfolio on this site

The Other Things That Add Balance:
- hang out with friends Friday evening and Saturday evening
- eat healthy meals that include lots of vegetables and that are less carb and sugar-laden than I’ve been eating lately
- make it to the gym at least once
- turn off the alarm clock
- drink more water
- take a nap


>I have a logo to do for someone but I somehow managed to procrastinate yet another evening. Don’t worry – it won’t happen again. I’ll be working on it tonight.

I have some ideas for a few paintings, one being a housewarming gift for a friend. So after work, I ran out and picked up a few canvasses. I also stopped in at Blockbuster and found some old favourites either previously viewed or at a really good sale price. I picked up Sleepy Hollow, The Hours, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow and Bedazzled.

I got home and the procrastination continued. After a quick bite to eat (more soup – I still have half a vat left,) I decided it was a good time to revisit an old painting that I’d started years ago and never got around to finishing. When I went to NSCAD, we used to re-use canvasses over and over. At one point during a summer break, I decided to take an old self portrait that I never liked and paint over it. I found a painting that I really liked that would match my bedroom and got to work. I decided to paint only a portion of Fernand Khnopff‘s (1858-01921) I close my door upon myself:

(This is the portion of the original work that I’d chosen)

I never finished the painting on the first go due to time constraints. A couple of years later I went back to it and painted the sculpted head. Then a couple of years after that I went back and decided to paint some of the foreground with a slightly different style than the original. All the while, the portion with the flowers in the very foreground had always just been blocked in. Well, last night I finally finished the flowers. I’m also thinking that I’ve never been satisfied with the female figure, and since I’ve already started to stray from an actual reproduction I may change the female figure altogether. But that will be for another day….


>I took my doctor’s advice and went to a massage therapist last night. She spent an hour working on my back – it was awesome! After that, I headed over to Joanna’s new pad for a tasty meal (she’s a very good cook). I felt very pampered last night. :-)

>"The Family Of The Future"

>Remember I decorated a room for work in Janurary? The room was supposed to be fun and had a theme that revolved around “the family of the future”. I finally managed to get around to taking photos of a couple of things in the room that I painted:


>I’ve finally finished and updated my business site, studioDRE! (If you have been to the site recently, you should clear your cache on your browser before viewing the site, as I have updated some existing graphics.)

>Chicken Soup and more!

>Last night I made a vat of chicken soup from what was left of my leftover chicken. I also finished re-doing my business site. I just need to post it to the server. I should be able to get around to doing that today. Oh yeah – and I also got my taxes done last night. I was pretty stressed about getting them done – I was sure I’d have to pay a ton more, but I actually got a small refund!!

>Necessary Healing

>So I had to cancel any commitments I’d made for the weekend because I needed to get better. I still had some major back problems and my cold was starting to settle a bit more into my chest. I rented Spanglish on Friday evening. It was pretty good. I thought Téa Leoni did a great job in this movie. I think it’s worth renting but I’m glad I didn’t see it in the theatre.

Saturday I stayed in for most of the day. My one foray into the outside world was to return the video that I’d rented the day before. I cuaght up on some sleep and did a bit of work on my business website.

Sunday morning I was up before 8 and I was already starting to feel a bit better. I worked a bit more on my site until Suzy called and invited me to a late breakfast with her and Lisa. We ate at Cora’s, which I still think is overpriced. Still, it was nice to get out and do a bit of catching up with friends. After that I ran out to the grocery store to get a couple of items. Well – that was more than enough of an outing for me. I needed to get home and get some rest. Mid-afternoon, Colin and I popper over at Joanna’s new apartment. She has a wonderful view and her apartment looks very comfortable and warm and friendly. Sunday evening I invited Joanna and Colin over for dinner. I’d roasted a small chicken. I had forgotten how easy it was to do that. After supper we wound up watching Moulin Rouge.


>I rented Donnie Darko last night and watched it for the first time. I don’t know how I never got around to seeing it. I guess from the packaging I thought it would be some sort of horror movie and it just didn’t grab my attention. I really enjoyed it – no wonder so many people told me that I shoukld watch it and I’d like it. It’s also no surprise that no one could really tell me what it’s about.

I still have a cold and my back is feeling a bit better today (so far) but I’m not about th ehead out and run any marathons. I think I’ll be having a quiet weekend of recouperation.


>Please oh please let this be the end of the snow! As I walked to work this morning it felt like a crisp autumn day. I’m so glad it’s Spring and things are progressively getting warmer (for the most part).

Popped in at Lisa ans Anthony’s last night and caught Baseketball which was pretty silly and funny. As they were about to put their next movie selection in, I headed home for an early night. I saw my doctor this morning – she said I’ll live. It’s a pulled muscle in my back that has been causing the problems and I need to exercise my back and avoid soft seating and waterbeds.

>Time for a little maintenance on ye old bod…

>Please people – if you have broken glass and mean to throw it out – please wrap it in newspaper first. I had broken a glass on the weekend and a friend had put a piece in the garbage – thinking it was a help – and I do appreciate the help. Unfortunately, I gnashed my thumb on a piece of glass as I went to empty the garbage last night. I had to go through all the garbage piece by piece and fish out any glass that was in there so I could wrap it up before tossing it. And before you ask -I’m OK – I don’t need stitches.

I’ve been having some lower back issues I’m finally going to see about getting looked at. For some reason things seemed to have flared up again recently. Maybe it was dancing Saturday night. Maybe not. Who knows. All I know is it’s not going to go away on it’s own.

I picked up a wee bit of a cold and I thought I was starting to feel a bit better as of yesterday afternoon, but now I’ve got some majorly swollen glands in my throat. I give – I have caved in and called my doctor.

Otherwise, not much else is going on. At least I know I’ll be all better soon!