March 2005

>I’m already looking forward to the weekend.

>Last night I spent a bit of time hanging out with Melanie and John. I hadn’t seen them in ages. They invited me out to their new house in Quispamsis (which is lovely).

Tonight I get started on mural #1. I’m pretty excited – and I hope I can get it done in one evening.

>Last Night: Yet Another Time Vortex

>I had a busy evening last night. I got groceries and picked up some supplies for mural painting. By the time I got home it was about 8. I spent some time doing a bit of prep-work so I could get to work on the mural as soon as I get there tomorrow night. I also played a bit of Ratchet & Clank and I managed to tear myself away from that so I could read for a bit before falling asleep.

>Two Movies

>I went to see the early show of Be Cool with Joanna. We thought it was hilarious. Of course, we were the only people in the theatre laughing, so perhaps it’s not for everyone’s sense of humour.

After that I went home and watched Alfie while filing some papers. I really enjoyed Alfie. I thought it was touching.

Tonight I will be spending my time preparing for a mural painting that I will be starting on Thursday. I can’t wait to get started!

>Easter Weekend

>Spent the weekend in Halifax. Spent more money than I’d intended (as usual). Spent time with the parental units and a few friends. Now I’m glad to be home. I am working today. I could have used a floater day today but I am actually looking forward to a productive day at the office with less interruptions than usual. (I’d rather save my floater day for when I’m really craving a day off.) Happy Easter y’all!

>Happy Easter!

>I can’t believe how quickly the winter has flown by. I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy. I feel as though I’ve been a bit too busy and so I am trying to find a bit more balance again in my life. I need to make time each evening for the gym and a proper supper. I also need to make time one or two evenings per week to devote to freelance design work so I can make a bit of extra money and increase my portfolio. I’ve been making a concerted effort to spend less. So far so good. I hope it becomes a habit. I came up with a new idea for my studioDRE website – so I don’t just have all of my stuff up there. I’d like to focus it more on illustration and painting and make it a bit more clear that I’m available to do freelance. I wonder if I can get that revamped before the end of April….


>When I was on vacation I did a fair amount of dancing. Now I like to salsa, and I was looking forward to getting a bit in while I was in the Dominican, but it seemed like all anyone wanted to do was merengue. Each disco I went to – it was the same thing. Tons of people doing the merengue, no sign of salsa dancing. Now I’d never merengued before and it’s not like anyone told me how to do the actual steps. It seemed pretty close to salsa, but it was a lot faster and looked more like a 4-step dance. I winged it and managed to get along fine on the dance floors while I was on vacation. So the other morning I decided to look online to see if I could find any explanation of how these two dances differ. Sure enough I came across the Salsa & Merengue Society website which gives the history of the merengue and explains, among other things, the importance of the Dominican Republic as a main locus for its development. Go figure. :-)

>Dinner Party

>Last night Suzy hosted another successful dinner party. The food theme was Italian and she was kind enough to make a couple of lactose free dishes, including an incredible lactose-free chocolate cake! Everything was delicious and the company was great. It was nice to see John’s girlfriend Sabine who’s visiting for a couple of weeks. It was also nice to see Scott and Alison out. I was very entertained by the many whacky stories that Scott and Anthony recounted to each other. So after a big meal, a glass of wine and an extra helping of chocolate cake, I didn’t have an energy left by the time I got home. So much for catching up on some of the TV shows that Colin had taped for me while I was away. Maybe I’ll watch those tonight….


>I’m enjoying the challenge of starting to learn a new language. At times it’s frustrating as all-get-out, but then every now and then I learn something – something simple – and I find it exhilarating. There is a website called Learn Spanish that offers a pretty decent free tutorial section that is handy for beginners. I wish there was more stuff out there to help someone with less travel-related discussions. It would be nice to have a site or book that explained how to say things like “I miss you.” I plan to spend at least half an hour every day working on my Spanish.

>Weekend Update

>I did makeup for Evita this weekend. (Which basically meant that I didn’t get a chance to unpack from my vacation until Sunday morning.) I finally got a chance to see the show Saturday night. I’m generally not a huge fan of musicals, but for this show I like the music and had forgotten some of the songs that were in it. I thought the show was pretty decent. Scott T. did a fabulous job as Che – actually all around I thought the performances were pretty solid. I didn’t make it to the cast party as I was still tired from my trip and hadn’t had a chance to unwind and catch up on some sleep.

Sunday was a mellow day. I picked up a Spanish/English dictionary and coursebook so I can start to get a better grasp of the language, as I have agreed to a correspondance with a fellow I met while I was on vacation. I spent the evening upriver hanging out with Colin, Bill, Dawn, Shannon, Cliff, Felix and the pets. We had a wonderful dinner, then relaxed in the hot tub with some fresh cigars that I’d purchased while on vacation and a wee bit of port.

>Dominican Vacation

>My apologies for not updating but I have been away – enjoying a vacation at Breezes resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When I have a bit more time I’ll update with a few details. Needless to say, it was a fantastic vacation – relaxing and fun!