>Weekend Update

>What a great weekend! It was busy but fun, which is usually the case on the weekend of a show.

Friday night we had a very warm audience, and the shows all went really well. It was very rewarding. After packing up at the end of the show, I met up with Kizzy and Jamie and Stephen and Kristi and Irwin at D’Amico’s for a bit. I guess Irwin will be moving to Toronto at the end of March. That’s another theatre company member leaving town.

Saturday day turned out to be a busy one. I got groceries and picked up a few items for cast gifts. I spent the latter part of the afternoon making cards for the cast of The Red Glove. By the time I’d finished, I only had 1/2 an hour to get ready and get to the NB Museum. Scott Thomas gave me a call and asked if I’d do a little interview for his show on the local Rogers TV show on Cable 10, called First Local. It’s just a little 5 minute piece. I hope I don’t look or sound too goofy – I’m pretty self-critical about stuff like that. I’ve asked Colin to tape it for me because I have satellite and I don’t get that channel.

I was a bit worried that the audience wouldn’t be as awesome as what it was on Friday night but it turns out that I had nothing to worry about. I think we sold every seat except for one. Once again, the shows were on fire. We also had an extra special event happen on Saturday night. In the programs, Bob V replaced his regular bio with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. She came to see the show Saturday night we caught it all on video. After the curtain call for The Red Glove, Bob called his girlfriend up on stage and proposed to her. It was so perfectly done – and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! So congrats to Bob and Elaine!

The cast party was a bit mellow compared to some past ones, which is a good thing. I was happy to get all the thank-you’s and presentations over with so I could relax. A few folks lasted lasted till 5:45, when I finally shut things down for the evening. Alana and her friend Angelica crashed on my futon and everyone slept until noon. I headed over to the loft to clean up from the party, and there was an Evita production meeting going on and a lot of it had already been cleaned up. A big thanks to Ann Keary who beat us to the punch. After that, Jay and Colin and I headed to Reggie’s for a bit to eat. Then Jay and I decided to check out the matinee of Mary’s Wedding at the Imperial Theatre by Theatre New Brunswick. It was touching and inspiring. I loved the set and the way they used it. It was a 90-minute one-act and it was very engaging. I’m really glad I went. I spent most of the rest of the day either napping or flipping channels. Except for a short trip to Swiss Chalet for a bite to eat, I didn’t leave my apartment.

I woke up ths morning feeling a bit under the weather, which usually happens after the week of a show. I hope to chase that away with a ton of vitamin C and fluids. I am looking forward to getting back to a slightly less busy schedule. It’ll be a real treat to have time for the gym and for socializing again. :-)

Oh, and I hope you all have a lovely St. Valentine’s Day!