>Every Day Can Be An Adventure

>My day started out feeling a bit adventurous as I headed out to the “Villa Madona” for an offsite session with work. I made it through the morning then I started to panic a bit that I had too much to do and too much waiting for me back at the office, so when we broke for lunch, I scarfed down my ham jambalaya and then went back in to work. I did feel a bit bad that I was missing out on some work bonding. In the evening, they had planned a cocktail hour and then dinner theatre. Since we had opening night of Script Happens I wasn’t able to attend the work-related function. Of course, I’d much rather have been at Script Happens anyway, since we’d all put so much time and effort into them!

The weather then made for an interesting evening. We got a ton of snow followed directly by a ton of rain yesterday. It was a mess. The roads were terrible last night, but still, for Script Happens, the show must go on. Martine lost her babysitter for the evening so she wound up bringing her kids in while she did makeup. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a distraction for the folks trying to prepare for their roles, so in the future I’d be happy to grab the makeup kit for the loft and do it myself, instead of Martine having to rush in and bring the kids. Alas, the good news is she has sitters for the next couple of nights so that should avoid any unnecessary stress for anyone involved (esp. Martine – sorry you lost a sitter, by the way).

I think there were around 15 – 17 folks in the audience last night. They were fairly quiet but seemed to enjoy the show. I know Photoshop Time got a ton of laughs. :-) Of course, most of them were from Scott who was sitting in the front row with Anthony (who was taping the show)! LOL

After the show, a few of us grabbed a beer at The Ale House and tried to kill some time before we headed over to Studio 112 to watch the band Jason is in, Hospital Grade. We got there at about 11:45 and paid our $5 to get in. It turns out they were on after a thrash metal band from Quebec City, so we still had a while to wait. At least that band didn’t have a long set. But holy moley was tht ever a painful experience. Only Jay, Hayley and I lasted through it. I think they had different songs but I had trouble discerning a melody. Also, since I couldn’t figure out what they were screaming, I made up my own lyrics to the “songs” in my head. ;-) I remember at one point looking at the thrash metal band and then looking back at poor Suzy – cringing in her Burberry scarf. She didn’t last long.

So I did manage to hear the first few songs of Jason’s band, and by then (1:00 AM) I was having trouble staying awake, as was Hayley, so we decided to split. It’d be nice to hear a CD version of their stuff because the acoustics weren’t the best where they were playing. What I did hear, I enjoyed. Jason is new to the theatre company and he has been great to work with. He is quiet and polite and very down-to-earth, so I was looking forward to seeing him play in his band. It was neat to see that side of him – he was in his element. :-)

Today I’m pretty tired. I’m hoping to pop home at lunch for a power nap. The weather still isn’t the greatest today, but I’m still hoping that we get a bigger audience for the plays tonight. I’m really looking forward to it being the weekend.