February 3rd, 2005


>Have you ever been to PopCap Games? They have a ton of online games that you can pay for free. At lunch today, I re-visited an old favorite, Rocket Mania and I reached a new level: Level 24, Master of the Elements, with 811355 points. Yay!


>Last night after Photoshop time rehearsal, Jay and Hayley and I went to see Sideways. It was an excellent movie. There weren’t too many people in the theatre – only about 10. Unfortunately, there was a group of girls in the row behind us who were sitting over to one side. They chatted incessantly, “Look, he’s picking up the bottle of wine!” and laughed in inappropriate places. It was particularly grating. I know they were shushed often but that didn’t affect them at all. No wonder people would rather stay home and watch movies, if folks in the audience are going to treat it like they’re in their living room.