>Groundhog Day

>What an odd culture we have sometimes. I think it’s cute that so many of us (even jokingly) put our faith in the myth of a little furry rodent and some cloud cover. Odds are, for most parts of Canada, winter will last at least another six weeks like it does every year. I can’t imagine it ending earlier. Even if I am starting to get tired of bundling up before going outside, and dealing with the salt and slush and general mess of the streets and sidewalks. I know a few people who love winter – especially since they get involved with winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding and snowshoeing. (I love to ski, although I haven’t had a chance to do it yet this year.) I do enjoy the fact that we get a change of seasons every year – it reminds me that I need to really appreciate the warm weather when we get it. In the mean time, I’ll be doing my best to appreciate this season.