February 2005

>Weekend Update

>I had a mellow Friday evening hanging with Jason. We braved the crowds at Swiss Chalet, then stopped in at FutureShop so I could pick up Gran Turismo 4, which we brought back to my place and played for a bit before we headed to the Somerset Pub to join a few friends for a bit.

Saturday I got a few errands done and then spent a few hours playing Gran Turismo 4. Saturday evening was a fun little road trip. Jay, Stephen, Jamie Suzy M, Cheryl and I hired a driver and hopped in Jamie’s stretch-limo to go to Fredericton for the evening to see The Crucible at St Thomas University. It was a fun trip down and I’d been looking forward to seeing The Crucible. The show was a bit long and it didn’t help that I was very thirsty and craving a big glass of water through the entire thing. The black-box theatre that they have was awesome. We are SO missing a venue like that in Saint John!

Sunday was a busy day. I spent the morning tidying my apartment, then got together with a few friends in the afternoon to do a play reading. I then gave Jay a lift out to Hampton (I hope all went well for you Jay) and went home and made supper and played a wee bit more GT4 before folks started coming over to watch the Oscars with me.

The Oscars were fairly interesting this year. I really like some of the format changes that they made. Instead of watching people get up from their chairs and make thier way up to the stage to accept an award, they were well-organized and made sure that the nominated folks (for the most part) were either already on stage or they presented the awards in an area near where they were seated. This seemed to keep the show running a bit more smoothly. After Beyonce sang two of the songs from the movies we started to joke that they’d use her to sing every song. It was a treat to see Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana perform the theme song to The Motorcycle Diaries, and then imagine our surprise when Beyonce came out to sing ANOTHER song! Why on earth didn’t they use the people who did the actual songs in the first place? And even if they decided to use guest performers, surely to God there are more singers out there than just Beyonce! I have nothing against the girl. She is a fine singer, but to have her sing in French, and to perform more than one song was more than I could take.

I was holding out a bit of hope that Finding Neverland would get an Oscar for something. I really enjoyed that movie. I’m glad The Incredibles won best Animated Feature Film. I’m glad Sideways won best Adapted Screenplay. There are a ton of movies that I haven’t seen that I want to see, including Million Dollar Baby, Ray, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Motorcycle Diaries, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Being Julia. The only other thng that I couldn’t help noticing at this year’s Oscars, was the large number of yellow dresses. Yellow is not an easy colour to wear adn since it’s a pretty bold colour, I think it takes a bit of chutzpa to pull off. Most of the women who wore yellow dresses managed to pull them off rather well, probably thanks to a bit of help from a good stylist. So, all-in-all I’m glad I got to see this year’s Oscars. Thanks again to my friends who came over and hung out and helped to keep me awake to catch the entire show!

>The Oscars

>I can’t believe that The Oscars are sneaking up already. I have a busy day on Sunday but I should be home by around 7:30 pm, in time to catch the red carpet arrivals at 8. If you are interested in coming over to hang out and watch the Oscars with me, please let me know.

>Server move.

>Just a little warning that my site will not be working for a little bit by the end of the day and over the weekend as it is getting moved to a new home.

>I saw Hotel Rwanda last night with Scott and Jason. Wow – what a movie. So hard to watch but still I’m glad I saw it.

I made it to the gym after work and before the movie. I need to get back into my routine, so I booked a session with my trainer to help kick-start me. I feel great today – it’s all good aches. Now I just need to keep making it a priority so I can keep going regularly.

>Another great evening

>Last night Shannon and I went to see Constantine. I enjoyed it. It was interesting and had decent character development. We’d gone to see the early show, so when I got home I still had a good chunk of evening ahead of me and I made a point to use my time wisely: I went to bed early. :-)

After work I have a session with my trainer. I’m hoping it’ll help kick-start me back into my routine at the gym. I got super-busy with overtime and then the last set of one acts and I found it difficult to go regularly. I miss it and can’t wait to get back into my routine.


>Last night Martine and I finally had a chance to hang out together and exchange Christmas gifts. Crazy, huh? It was a nice evening. We went out to dinner at Churchill’s, and then stopped back in at my place and just hung out.

>Weekend Update

>I had a busy and fun weekend. :-)

Friday night I saw The Northern Pikes at the Imperial Theatre. They were great – I think they get better every time. You could tell they were relaxed and having fun. After the show I met up with Merl and we went to Churchills for a couple of drinks. It was nice to catch up with him – keeping in touch with friends by email is great, but it’s so much nicer to be able to see them in person.

I spent the day on Saturday running errands. The next thing I knew, the hours had flown by and it was time to head to the red Cross Wine Festival. I walked over with Suzy and Colin and ran into Lisa and Anthony and Jay – and a ton of other folks. I think there were 700 tickets sold. It was a busy event, and it was a treat to see so many SJ folks dressed up. It was a fun event. I spent my time looking for wines that I would like to purchase, and I managed to find a number of nice reds in about the $20 range that I plan to add to my collection. There was a maple-wine that was interesting. It was like a dessert. I’m not sure if I’d buy that one, but I’m glad I tried it. I think the highlight of my evening was the 10-year-old Port. It was difficult to enjoy anything else as much after having that. After the show, a few of us headed to the Somerset Pub for karaoke. I actually sang a song – Kiss by Prince. I had some wings and Sprite then called it a night fairly early. I was home and in bed before midnight.

Sunday was a bit of a chance to sleep in. I did a bit of design work for a friend, then at lunch picked up Colin. I told him I’d take him shopping in Moncton for his birthday (which was last month). The afternoon flew by, and I made a few fun purchases. It was pretty chilly out, but at least it was sunny – so it was a nice day for a drive. Sunday evening I went to see Hitch with Hayley. It was a fun movie – a great note to end the weekend on.

It looks like another busy week. It’ll be nice to do a bit of catching up with a few friends earlier in the week. I hope to find some free time to get a bit of design work done later in the week. I may just have to start booking blocks of time for myself to work on the creative stuff.


>This week has somehow managed to crawl and fly by at the same time. I once again find myself anxious for the weekend.

Here’s an old Friday Five that’s I’ve dug up;

1. If you could live in any city in the world, where would you live and why?
Other than where I am now? How can I choose just one? My most realistic choice woud probably be Halifax. I liked it there and my folks are there. I spent years wanting to live in Chicago (another city I enjoy). Hmm… maybe London, England. Or Paris or Barcelona. Nah – London sounds like a good combo of practical (I can already speak the language) and interesting. Of course it is a tad more expensive than Saint John. I think I’ll stick around here for now. :-)

2. If you could speak any language fluently, what would it be?
Hmm, Spanish. And, I suppose it’d be handy to know French a little bit better. I also think it’d be kinda cool to know Swedish too – at least to know more than how to ask for a postcard, or say that I’m hungry or cute or cold.

3. When was the last time you rode a ferry and where did you go?
The last ferry I rode was the Gondola Point car ferry to go over to Joanna and Eric’s when they lived on the Kingston Peninsula. I used to love taking the ferry across the Halifax harbour to and from school every day when I was at NSCAD.

4. What was the longest plane ride you’ve ever taken?
I think my flight to Malaga, Spain was probably my longest flight. It was around 6.5 hours from Halifax, if I remember correctly. I do remember sleeping as we crossed the ocean, then waking as we neared the coast of Portugal. It was clear and we could see everything all the way to Malaga. It was awesome. I love flying!

5. If you discovered a country, what would you name it?
Sheesh, I havent even been able to come up with a name for my new car yet, let alone a name for a fictional country. I’ll get back to you on this one ;-)

>Another Quiet Evening

>After a much-needed nap, I went to the auditions for The Sunshine Boys. After that, I went back home and spent the rest of the evening going through some papers that need to be filed while watching the remainder of Sex in the City season 6 part 2.

I’m tempted to take tomorrow oof work but I have a lot of deliverables. I’m going to try to make today as productive as possible. If I can plough through everything I may take all or part of tomorrow off. :-)

Later gators!

>Filling My Plate Again

>Now that the last set of shows are over, I’m filling my plate with some social engagements and a list of things that I need to get done. It still seems a bit foreign to have free time again, but I’m doing my best to enjoy it and make the most of it. :-)

I like to support Canadian artists when I can. I’ve been listening to a little bit of Matt Dusk. It’s rat pack music with a bit of a modern twist.