January 2005

>Weekend Update

>Friday night was a fun evening out, first at a work-related party and then at Martine’s keg/birthdya party at the Somerset. I was coming down with a cold so I didn’t stay too late.

Saturday flew by. I realised I had actually come down with a cold, and I am thankful that we live in a day and age that we can take medication to mask the symptoms. Without Adviil Cold & Sinus I would not have been able to function well at all. Sigh. It figures – I always seem to catch something when I get really busy. That evening, I had a chance to go see a movie – even though I was tired. I saw In Goood Company (starrring Dennis Quaid, topher Grace and Scarlet Johanson) and I really enjoyed it.

Sunday was one of the first days that we’ve had beautiful Winter weather. It was perfect for the skating party upriver (which was meant to occur on Colin’s birthday but had to be postponed from the previous weekend due to a winter storm). I think I skated for a couple of hours before I finally headed in. It was nice to see everyone, and to finally get a chance to see Felix (Cliff and Shannon’s adorable new baby). I had to leave a bit early so I could make it back to town for rehearsals. Photoshop Time reheharsals went well – we worked on scenes 2 and 3. Then at 8 PM, we had a full run-through of The Red Glove. It went quite well, even though there is still a lot to work on, so it’ll be a busy week for all of us. After all, it’s the week before we head into the theatre.

>Celebrations Galore

>Last night after rehearsal for Photoshop Time, a few of us met up at Churchills Pub to celebrate Jay’s birthday. It was nice to see everyone, and nice to have a bit of a break. I haven’t had very much free time lately. There is another birthday shindig planned for tonight – to celebrate Martine’s 35th – Happy Birthday, Martine! I can’t believe it’s already the end of January – where does the time go? I have a feeling that I’ll blink and it’ll be mid-February.

>Chilly & Busy

>I heard on the radio this morning that by next Tuesday it’s supposed to be +8 and raining. I’m glad it will be a bit warmer than it has been lately (it’s -22 this morning). The warm weather also means that there will be a ton of slush since we currently have waist-high snowbanks.

There were more rehearsals last night. We’re coming along with both shows. It’s nice to see the improvements. Once again I thougt I’d game when I got home from rehearsals, but I just didn’t have the energy. So I flipped channels for a few minutes then crashed. I had a tough time getting up this morning – I’m getting tired of being tired. I should be able to catch up onsome sleep tonight though!

>The Same

>I had rehearsals last night. so from 6:30 – 8:00, we blocked Scene 1 of Photoshop Time, and then from 8 – 10:15 we blocked scenes 1 and 3 for The Red Glove. Things are coming along well for both plays and we have a ton of rehearsals over the next couple of weeks, since we were a bit late getting started due to storms and busy schedules.

More rehearsals are in the hopper for tonight, and other than that, I’m hoping to get to the gym right after work, and if I’m ambitious enough, I may even try to tackle my dishes after rehearsals.

I wish I had more interesting stuff to talk about but I’ve really just been running between busy work days and a busy rehearsal schedul, and there isn’t much else going on.


>Last night we finally had our first rehearsal for Scenes 1 and 3 of The Red Glove. Tonight we’ll work on blocking. When we were done, Suzy gave me a lift out to Sobey’s at the mall ( the only place to get groceries after 10 PM) and I picked up a few necessities. By the time I got home and unpacked things, I was ready to call it a night – even though I really just wanted to play a bit more KOTOR II. Alas, it is a good thing that I went to bed when I did because I think I really needed the sleep.

My lunch break today consisted of a trip to the hairdresser’s to get highlights touched up and a trim. I’m looking forward to styling it myself to see what it’ll really look like. I asked for a cut & colour that’s a bit different from the usual, and I was thinking more chestnut, even though I seem to have a fair amount of red in it. Oh well – I can always change it! In the meantime I’m just looking forward to seeing how I cope with it on my own.

>A Nice Weekend

>Suzy had a dinner party on Friday evening, and of course the food was fabulous! It was really nice to see everyone again, as I haven’t really had a chance to hang out with them since ’04. Saturday was a busy day. I had rehearsals in the afternoon and then dinner plans (mmmm… Suwanna) to celebrate colin’s birthday. Sunday was a snow day, which meant that any plans I did have got cancelled. I enjoyed hibernating and took the opportunity to catch up on a couple of things, and watch some Nip/Tuck (season 1) and get a little bit further in Knights Of The Old Republic: The Sith Lords.

It looks like another busy day. I have lots of meetings so my work day will fly by. Then I need to shovel out my car – I’ve been informed that it is snugly ploughed in. Sigh. Then there are rehearsals this evening that I need to prepare for. And maybe when I get home from rehearsals I’ll squeeze in a bit of gaming before I hit the hay. :-)

>Stormy Weather

>It has been an eventful week weather-wise. Monday was a small blizzard – with about 15 cm of snow and winds of 30 – 60 km/h. The schools and most community group meetings were cancelled. Then Tuesday and Wednesday, as the city cleaned up from the blizzard, it was freezing cold with a nasty wind chill. Thursday was our second blizzard of the week. This time we got about 20 cm of snow and the winds were arouind 70 – 90 km/h. It was bad enough that even the malls, banks and most business closed down. And then Friday as we cleaned out from this storm, the temperature drastically dropped and continued to freeze us on Saturday. Now it is Sunday morning and I am looking out my living room window at our third blizzard of the week, where we are expecting at least 30 cm of snow and winds of 100 km/h. Lovely.

Happy 40th birthday to Colin today!

>Snow Day

>Since I live about a block away from work, I had no excuse to leave early yesterday, even though half the office had cleared out by lunchtime. (I also had a tonto work on, so I took the opportunity to get as much done as I could without the usualy workday interruptions.) It was a bad enough storm that the mall, the banks, the gym, the market and even Tim Horton’s all closed early. That also meant that any evening rehearsals for the Second Stage plays had been cancelled, and that left me with my first free/unplanned evening since the start of the new year. I’ve had a few other evenings off, but I’ve had plans for them in advance. I took advantage of my free time and cleaned my apartment, gamed for a bit and then read for a bit. I prefer to clean my apartment before the weekend so that it’s nice and clean when I’m actually around more on the weekend, and so that i’m not using some of my valuable weekend time to clean.

>A Night Off

>Last night I went to see Closer. Man – what a great movie. Hard to watch, painful, but great. And fabulous acting. Worth seeing.

It was a real treat to have a night off – I think that may have been my fifth night of not working since the new year. Now I am happy to say that I am pretty much done with the work overtime, which is good because starting tonight I will be spending my time on the plays for SJTC: Second Stage.

>Another productive evening…

>I am nearly done my work project that I’ve been working on outside of regular work hours. I got a lot done last night and it felt great!