November 2004


>I’m back into list-making mode, and here is a list of my lists:

- groceries I need to pick up

- things that need to be tidied before I break out the Christmas decorations (Dec. 1)

- people to send cards to

- people I am going to make a home-made gift for

- home-made gift ideas

- other things I need to get done before Christmas

- plays I’d like to read

- movies I’d like to rent

- people I should call

- things I want to tweak on my web-site

>A Full Weekend

>Friday evening I went to the Imperial to see “Les Portes Tournantes” by the Atlantic Ballet Theatre Company. It was okay – nothing spectacular. The dancing was good, but I wasn’t terribly interested in the story, style or music. At least I’d gotten the tickets for free. I mush preferred their production of “Merlin” that they had put on in the Spring.

After the theatre, I got home and worked a bit more on updating the photos section to this site. I finished the section Saturday morning and I was happy to be done with it. The rest of my saturday was fairly quiet – I made it to the gym, ran a few errands and bumped into Lisa and Anthony while I was out by the mall. We had dinner together at Swiss Chalet and I helped them with a bit of running around. Later that evening, I stayed in and watched Shrek 2.

Sunday morning Lisa called and asked for a bit of help with moving. I helped her bring a car load of odds and ends and her cat over to their new place before the movers came. After that, I had breakfast at Reggie’s with Colin and David. The corned beef hash at Reggie’s is divine!

My Sunday afternoon was spent at the SJTC loft. We were doing readings of original one-act plays. I think we got through about 5 plays, which took a few hours, especially since we had guest ajudicators who took the time to critique them after each reading. After the readings a few of us headed to Mexi’s for a bit to catch up. then Jay and I popped in to visit Lisa and Anthony at their new digs. I then went home to play Knights of the Od republic for a bit and then I went to see the late show of Finding Neverland which was awesome – it was well-crafted, touching and beautiful. What a great way to end the weekend!

>Photos Section updated

>I have updated the photos section to this site. There is a new section titled “2004″ and there are new pics in”Theatre” and “Halloween”. I have a bit of tweaking to do a a couple of the pages, but I’ll get to that later. Enjoy!

>Is it Friday already? How’d that happen?

>I headed to the gym after work yesterday for a super-upperbody and core workout with my trainer. He has increased the difficulty on a lot of my core exercises because I do need a lot of help there because I have a lot of lower back problems. He is also starting to help prepare me to do my routine on my own. I see him once next week, and then our sessions will slow down to once a month or so for a little re-motivation and maybe a tweak or two to my routine.

After the gym, I met up with Joanna at Lemongrass. It was great to catch up with her – it had been a while. I think we were there for a good 3 hours! My plan after dinner was to go home and work on my photo album some more, but by the time I got home I didn’t feel like doing that. Instead I spent a bit of time chatting on the phone and then hit the hay fairly early. It was a nice and relaxing and social evening – just what I needed.

I had planned to take next week off on vacation, but I have some deadlines at work and I still have a lot to do for them, so I am postponing my vacation to the following week. During my time off I plan to make Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I hope it doesn’t take me the entire week….

>A Quiet Yet Productive Evening

>Last night I stayed in and decided to build some photo pages for this site. I will be adding a new section of 2004 photos, and I will be adding photos to the Theatre and Halloween sections. There are quite a few pictures that I still need to add and re-size. When I am done, I’ll post them all at the same time.

While I was working on my site, I put on The Chronicles of Riddick in the background. It’s the sequel to Pitch Black (which I found a little slow). I quite enjoyed it – and I loved Judy Dench‘s character – she played an ‘elemental’ which was pretty cool. And, of course, Karl Urban is in it and did a wonderful job as Vaako. It’s always nice to see a bad guy with a bit of dimension. I hadn’t seen this movie in the theatres, and what I rented was the director’s cut, which included a lot more scenes that fill in a lot of the backstory. It makes me wonder if the theatrical release would have made much sense, when I think of all the scenes that were cut out of it.

>Things I Am Looking Forward To

>- getting my photos updated on this site. I resized a lot of them last night, and I hope to build the pages for them tonight.

- seeing National Treasure because it looks like a fun bit of action-fluff and I am in the mood for that

- my upcoming week off- a chance to relax and get a few things done

- Original One Act Script Readings at the SJTC loft on Sunday afternoon

- getting creative and making Christmas gifts for friends

- getting The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Extended Edition DVD Gift Package

- catching up with friends and family at Chirstmas whom I haven’t had a chance to see in a while


>Yesterday my work day few by, and then I made it to the gym for a nice round of cardio and a core workout. When I got home, after I made a quick supper, I started going through my photos from the last year and started organizing them. When I got tired of that, I popped over to Lisa & Anthony’s to do a bit of socializing and check out Halo 2 and Crimson Skies. That was fun – I hadn’t gamed in a number of weeks. Thankfully I didn’t stay too late, and I made it home at a decent hour, but I still had trouble getting up this morning. Oh well.

>Post-show Blues

>Last night I fianlly had the time and inclination to see The Incredibles. What a great movie! I already can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so I can add it to my collection. After the show I hit the hay nice and early – and still had a bit of trouble getting up this morning.

Thankfully I have a busy week at work so it should fly right by and help keep my mind off of the fact that the show is over. I already miss working with everyone and I’m already looking forward to whatever is next. Oh well, at least I have more free time now to get back to my full gym routine and to get a few design projects done. I also really should update my photos on this site. I know I’ve left that far too long.

>C’est Tout

>I am currently enjoying a quiet day as I recouperate from a full weekend of Dangerous Liaisons. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this production. It was a treat being able to work with such kind and talented folks – we really did have a great cast for this! The part of “Emilie” was very enjoyable to play, and it was such a treat being on the Imperial stage once again. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get a chance to do this, whenever that may be. In the mean time I’ll keep busy with SJTC: Second Stage productions. I believe we have some Original One Act Script readings coming up next Sunday the 28th.

Well, I should get back to tidying – it’s amazing how things get so messy when I get busy. Perhaps later I’ll check out The Incredibles – I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

>Opening Night for Dangerous Liaisons

>I can hardly believe that it is already here! Last night was the student dress rehearsal. We had about 50 students come out, and I think we managed to work what will hopefully be the last of the kinks out of everything. I know that having a larger audience tonight will bring an extra energy to the show! I am SO excited!!