October 2004

>Rehearsals Update and More

>Last night was another full cast rehearsal. The only folks who didn’t make it last night were the footmen – and I’m sure we’ll see them at the next full cast rehearsal. It was great to see the progress that has been made in only a week. You can tell a lot of work is being put into this, and the scenes that have been worked on really stand out. Everyone is doing so well – the show is going to be awesome!

It is the Friday before Halloween so that means that a handful of us at the office are dressed up. Joanna is looking lovely as one of the characters from Jem and The Holograms, Tom is wearing his Jedi costume, and I have dressed up as an angel (I know – it’s a stretch). I love Halloween!

>Joanna’s Jewelry Cards

>Last night, after a wonderful dinner at D’Amico’s, I got home just in time to meet Joanna. She came over so we could put together her logo and watermark and create business cards/earring cards for her jewelry business. It was great fun and we arre both very happy with the results. Joanna makes elegant silver jewelry with natural stones and crystals. Lovely stuff. She will have a booth at the Christmas Craft Fair at Brunswick Square next week – so please – if you’re in the vicinity, make sure to stop by and check out her work.

In other news, I purchased an awesome red umbrella today. On it, it says “MERDE. IL PLEUT”

>10 Geekiest Hobbies

>This article, 10 Geekiest Hobbies, is most entertaining! I should admit to a leaning towards *cough* one or two of these myself…

>"What You Waiting For?"

>The new single by Gwen Stefani has been stuck in my head since I caught the video for it on TV last night. What a catchy tune!

So last night after a lower body workout (that left me struggling to climb the stairs to my apartment on my way home), my trainer left me with instructions for the next week and a bit while he goes away on vacation. So I need to squeeze in 4 half-hour sessions of cardio (with at least one of them being an intense 15-minute interval session followed by 15 minutes of regular cardio). And then I need to alternate days between my upper body and lower body workouts – and for those there are about 2 exercises per muscle group, with a few extra arm exercises. And, of course, we can’t forget core (abs and lower back) exercises at least 4 times a week (and I will probably wind up doing those each time I go to the gym). Yee-haw!

>Halloween Decorations

>My cube-mate and I decorated our workspace for Halloween this morning. I can’t believe Halloween is coming up so quickly! I didn’t have time this year to make a new costume, so I will most likely be recycling my Wonder Woman costume from previous years. I really should make an effort to come up with something new for next year. Any suggestions?

>A Great Weekend

>Friday night I headed over to O’Learys and met up with Anthony, Lisa, Pete and Dan. Around 7, I left to do a bit of shopping with Colin. We grabbed a bite to eat at Swiss Chalet, and then ran over to Old Navy. Colin was shopping for new pants and I found a fun bag for my scripts (turquoise with large sequins all over it). (As my cube-mate at work reminds me, purchasing a bag soley for my scripts has pushed me over the edge and into the land of theatre geeks.) I dropped Colin off and stopped at home for a few minutes, then headed over to the Somerset Pub to meet up with Lisa, jay and Pete who were karaokeing. Not 10 minutes after I got there, Beth and Jerry showed up. Beth unfortunately couldn’t stay long, but Jerry stuck with us for the rest of the night. I even found the courage to get up and sing “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” with him. LOL

Saturday I made it to the gym in the morning for cardio and core workout and I spent the afternoon at rehearsal for DL as we blocked a good portion of Act I. After rehearsal I stopped in at the Quality Convenience and on my way out, I bumped into Jerry who had just gotten 2 tickets from Elizabeth to see The Chairmaker at the Imperial. He asked if I wanted to join him, and I did. After Anthony had been joking around about what it would be like, I was curious about it. Later that evening, I met Jerry at the Imperial and we caught the show. the first act was great, but it kind of fell apart in the second act. I found myself somewhat distracted and thinking about other things through most of that Act. The show let out around 10:30, and since we had an hour to kill before meeting everyone at Studio 54, we went down to Churchills for a couple of drinks. When we got to Studio 54, we wound up dancing until it closed – it was a blast.

Sunday was a quieter day with helping Lisa find bits and peices for her halloween costume, going to rehearsal, going for a bit of a drive and having a tasty dinner at Suwanna, before settling in for a quiet evening in. Now it looks like another busy week, and speaking of busy, I imagine my break is almost over and I should get back to the grind. Yee-haw. ;-)

>World Beard and Moustache Championships

>There are some interesting photos on this site. I think I’ve only ever seen a couple of people in real life who’ve had a crazy moustache but that’s about it. Imagine a convention full of them!

>Yay! Almost the Weekend!

>Last night, after an awsome intense legs and core workout at the gym, I decided to pop into Quality Convenience to grab some Pad Thai and I ran into Lisa who had the same idea. We decided to rent Laws of Attraction and have dinner and a movie together. It was a cute movie and it was nice running into Lisa and getting a chance to hang out with her for a bit.

After the movie I ran over to Colin’s and borrowed his fancy scale. It’s one that measures body fat as well as weight. I had looked into getting one for myself but they run about $160 – $200 and I just can’t justify spending that much on a scale.

The rest of my evening was nice and quiet – a bit of chatting on the phone and a bitt of time going over my lines for DL. I’m very happy that it’s alomst the weekend. I am looking forward to doing a bit of socializing and relaxing. :-)

>Text Work and A Visit

>Okie dokie – let’s see if I can remember how my evening went… After work and supper I headed over to rehearsal. It was a full half-hour to work on my first scene and it was a very helpful session. Jerry has already put a lot of thought into the play and it was a great discussion. Now I have a lot to absorb so I can bring it along next time.

After rehearsal I headed over to Leslie’s to visit with her and Sue and young Jesse. It was great to see them. Jesse is growing like a bad weed – he looks a lot more like a little boy than a baby now. I stuck around to watch Ella Enchated with them then headed home to call it a night.

>Happy 60th, Bob!

>Yesterday afternoon I got my annual flu shot, and 2 hours after that I found myself at the gym with a sore arm about to do an upper body workout with my trainer. Luckily, one of the best things you can do after getting a needle is get the blood flowing in that muscle.

By 7:30 I was at the Somerset with a ton of other people, ready to surprise Bob Doherty on his 60th birthday. He was certainly surprised! Kizzy had put together a slide show along the lines of “This is your Life” and quite a few people made it up to the microphone to tell stories about Bob. It was a good gathering. I think I made it home by about 1:00 AM. Way past my bedtime on a weeknight, but worth it. :-)

Tonight I am looking forward to a text-work rehearsal for the first scene that I am in in DL. From what I’ve heard from those who’ve already started their text-work rehearsals, it’ll be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!