August 2004


>I saw Hero (also known as Ying xiong) last night and I really enjoyed it. I loved how they used colour throughout the film to help tell the story.

So I got a call from Toyota and they have a dark blue (indigo) Matrix XR with B package that’s a manual if I am interested, and I am. So I guess I’ll be popping out to Toyota after work tomorrow to trade in Lola, my Echo :-)

>Not Enough Time

>Friday I hung out with my friend Keith for a bit. Saturday I had a great workout at the gym, went to the mall for a bit, then had a nap, then headed to Julie’s going-away party. Sunday was brunch with friends, and taking it easy at home, then Jay popped in to watch Top Secret!. And if you were wondering- I didn’t game at all. Still, the weekend was too short.


>I am thankful that I have a 2-day weekend coming up. I find that just having one day off makes for an extremely long week the following week.

Last night was quiet – I basically spent the evening puttering about my place and then gaming for a little bit before calling it a night. I got in a DVD I’d ordered online – Top Secret! starring Val Kilmer, made in 1984 by the same folks who made Airplane!. Great stuff – very funny. I’d been talking to Jay about it and he hasn’t seen it yet so we’ll be able to sit down and have a laugh together one of the nights he has a bit of free time between Our Town rehearsals. We also have some INXS stuff to catch up on. :-)

Like I mentioned I gamed for a bit before hitting the hay (FFXI of course). All I wanted to do was to put a couple of items up for sale at the AH (Auction House). Unfortunately, there is a small fee of only a few gil to put something up for sale, and I didn’t even have that. I decided to try fishing for a bastore sardine – then I could trade that in to an NPC (non-player character) for 70 gil (and some fame) and then I’d be able to put my stuff up for sale at the AH. Thing is, I only had 3 lugworms, couldn’t afford more, and recently I’ve been having all sorts of bites but I keep losing my catch. Oh well, I decided I’d give it a shot anyway. Didn’t I spend 20 minutes (IRL – in real life time) not catching anything before I finally caught a bastore sardine. Once I made it back to the AH and put my stacks of earth and wind crystals up for sale, I decided to call it a night.

I had a very intense dream just before I woke up this morning. It was weird because it seemed so real – I’d managed to fill in all sorts of details – and I can still remember it. Like pretty much all of my dreams, it was an action-adventure and in this one I was a secret agent undercover and I needed to get information from my source, Elizabeth Chase (I wonder what info I would have needed from her?). I’d managed to convince her to have lunch with me – and we were in an executive cafeteria – where all the surfaces were covered in boiler plate steel, but some things were trimmed in cherry wood. It was dark and my time was running out. Serving food at the cafeteria was Peter Jackson (director of LOTR)and I went to ask him if he was filming this but as I got up close, it turned out to be Csaba (from work) and I’d just mistaken him for Peter Jackson because of his scruffy beard. He was about to tell me how to get the info I needed when my alarm woke me up. Man, I wish I’d known what info I was looking for. It seemed like a good dream.

>Must… have… patience….

>So I got a call from Toyota. The car I am looking for is a Matrix XR with package B, in black. There is one being shipped to a dealer in PEI and it’s due to get there September 3rd. If they don’t want to hang on to it, I can get it. Otherwise, I guess we have to keep looking. Sigh.


>After a great workout at the gym, I got home, scarfed down some leftovers, and then settled in to game with Lisa. We levelled together – and it was great fun. Once we’d both levelled, I took my character back into town to fish for a bit. And that was my evening.

>Headache continues

>Yep. Still have it. And because of it I didn’t make it to the gym last night. I napped instead, which helped a bit. I tried out lemongrass (newish restaurant down the street) again and liked it a bit better this time. And – I have leftovers for supper tonight!

All is quiet in the land of Dre.

>Car Shopping

>My lease for my car is up this fall and I’ve been looking at leasing a new one. I made a list of must-have’s and nice-to-have’s and searched online for what I was looking for within my budget. I went out with a friend to do a bit of test-driving last night, and it turns out that I’m going to stay with Toyota and get a Matrix XR. I can’t wait!


>They cleaned the carpets in the office yesterday and I think I have a bit of an allergy to the cleaning chemicles. Man – I have one nasty headache today and Advil Extra-Strength certainly isn’t helping.

Had a slight headache all weekend and was still feeling a bit run down so took it easy for the most part. Visited (but did not participate in)Anthony’s “Century party” Friday night and left early. Saturday morning I went to the gym but that got cut short thanks to the overwhelming smell from a funky salad I’d left in my gym bag from the week before last – so I went home and hand-washed the bag and gym clothes. It was disgusting – the salad had liquified. Then met Colin for brunch and helped him pick out a DVD player from FutureShop. Then home to nap and Dave called so we planned a quiet date for that evening. Sunday I slept in, flipped channels, napped, went for a short trip rollerblading with Anthony, napped again, grabbed Swiss Chalet for dinner, then spent the evening gaming.

>Leveling Up

>Aside from leveling up my charcters skills in FFXI, I managed to level up some of my physical skills a bit in real life last night by going blading with Anthony. It made me think about some of the other stuff I’d like to spend some time working on, so I may make a point to do that this weekend. I’m not sure what my plans are for the weekend. I think it may be a fairly quiet one overall. I plan to get to the gym and try and get a few things done around the house at the very least. I know there are a few social gatherings going on as well and I may pop in and make a cameo or two. I should also spend a bit of time working on the project I’ve got going with Terry. No doubt it’ll turn into a busy weekend in the end…

>More Mellowness

>OK. Dinner with Lisa, followed by a cancelled meeting with Terry meant I was able to take a nap, and that was followed by a bit of FFXI where I raised my fishing skill by .4 – and that makes for a mellow evening – which is exactly what I needed.

I came across the Sev series of comic strips today, which are quite geeky and amusing.