June 2004

>More DVDs for the Collection

>I had a short workout at the gym. It was very busy and there were too many people doing multiple sets in the circuit area so I decided to avoice it. I didn’t have the energy to try and be patient and polite and ask them to move. What part of “Please do not do multiple sets…” on the signage do you people not understand!!

After the gym, Colin and I had dinner at Swiss Chalet. We then stopped in a WalMart so Colin could get a new watch, and the both of us found a bunch of super-cheap DVDs. When I got home I thought I’d game for a bit but instead I wound up watching G.I. Jane. Great movie!

>Fast Food is Nasty

>Colin and I went to see Supersize Me last night. We ran into Scott and Suzy there. It was a great documentary! If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, I recommend making the time to check it out. Even though I eat out quite a bit, I don’t eat very much fast food at all. I’m especially glad that I don’t after seeing this film. The one thing I may try to adjust in my diet is to start drinking more water and stop drinking pop.

I also voted last night for our Federal Election. I’m glad I got a chance to have my say. I voted for what I thought was the lesser of the evils, and I’m happy that we now have a minority government. I’m hoping that’ll make them more accountable for their actions than if they were a majority government.

>Another busy weekend…

>Thursday after work, Lisa and I went down to Market Slip to see the reinactment of Samual de Champlain’s arrival. It turned out to be a handful of people dressed up in period costumes. Nothing too exciting, although I got a couple of decent pictures. We then walked over to the Ale House and got a brewtender and supper. Anthony and Dan joined us, then Michelle and Anthony B., John, Jay and Colin. Wemosied over to check out the bands playing at Fort La Tour and caught the last couple of songs by Maxwell’s Sons, and then stuck around to watch the fabulous fireworks show. It was very well done. It was set to symphonic music and lasted about 25 minutes. Teh usual fireworks shows around here are about 10 minutes, with each firework going off one at a time – usually not all that exciting. Needless to say, the show put on Thursday evening was pretty exciting in comparison.

Friday evening was Lisa’s “Ladies Night” since Anthony had gone to Toronto to see an Evil Dead musical. I had dinner at Mings with Colin first and headed over to Lisa’s around 8:30. It was a fairly mellow crowd – just Lisa, Julie, Ann and I. We watched Dirty Dancing, chatted for a bit, then decided to go out dancing. Well, the last time Lisa and I were out dancing must have been a couple of years ago. We thought we’d go to Studio 54 but it was closed, so we popped upstairs to Club Montreal. It was deadly quiet. The guy at the door gave us each a ticket for a free drink (no cover charge!) and at the mention of karioke, Lisa and Ann’s eyes lit up. I sang one song – since there were maybe 4 other people there. I think Lisa and Ann sang 2 or 3 songs each, then we left and went to the Spy bar. It wasn’t very busy either. The folks who were there were pretty young – we saw Semi there. But the music was good to dance to, so we stuck around. All in all it was a good evening – relaxing and fun!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment, and in the afternoon I gamed, napped and went to the gym. It pretty much poured all day, which was a little depressing. That evening I popped out to John’s b-day party and hung out for a bit, then went home and made it to bed at a fairly reasonable time.

Sunday morning was Colin’s triathalon. I hung out with Cliff and Shannon and we cheered him on. Cliff made fun “TEAM PARC” shirts up for cheering Colin on. Colin did very well – he beat his time that he was aiming for. This was his first triathalon and he did a great job! Congrats, honey!

Sunday afternoon I relaxed and gamed a bit more, then around supper, Colin and I headed upriver and had a fabulous dinner at Bill and Dawn’s. We didn’t stay too late because Colin had to get some more work done on a homework assignment for a job interview. I spent the rest of my evening gaming (big surprise), although I did still manage to hit the hay fairly early.

It looks like a busy week. We vote today. It’s actually stressing me out a bit – I was thinking of seeing Supersize Me tonight, but I might wait and see it tomorrow night instead. That’ll give me a chance to catch some of the election coverage on TV tonight.

>Top 5 Things I like About Saint John, NB

>As we celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Samual de Champlain discovering us, I’d like to spend a few minutes reflecting on the things I like about this city….

1.) The Friendly People. People here say hello as they pass you on the street. The local shopkeepers know you by name. There is something comforting about that.

2.) Standard of Living. Where else could I afford to live so well? We have a surprisingly high standard of living, which is something that has helped convince me to stick around a bit longer.

3.) Access to Opportunities. A few years ago, I thought I’d try out for an open audition with the Saint John Theatre Company. Little did I know that it would be so easy to get involved in the theatre community. It’s like that with most things. You just have to speak up and people seem to welcome you in with open arms.

4.) Proximity to Nature. I know I don’t get out to enjoy them enough, but we do have some lovely parks in this city – the Irving Nature Park and Rockwood Park. Also, it’s a real treat to live right next to the Saint John river system AND the Bay of Fundy. A lot of folks around here take it for granted that we live right next to the ocean. On a whim I could go kayaking, whale-watching (or both!), hiking, canoeing, camping, you name it – and it’s all in our backyard!

5.) Lack of bugs in the Uptown Peninsula. That’s right – it’s a pretty big plus for me. The “natural air-conditioning” that we get from the Bay of Fundy seems to keep most of the bugs away. Only when I go upriver to visit friends, am I reminded that I need to coat myself in bug spray to avoid the mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies and horseflies.

>Top 5 Non-alcoholic Beverages for a Hot Summer Day

>1.) Water

2.) Iced Tea

3.) Pink Grapefruit Juice

4.) Lemonade

5.) Sprite

>Great Deal!

>I ran over to CD Plus yesterday to pick up a CD and thought I’d check out their selection of PS2 games. To my delight, they had Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for only $30 with an additional $10-off coupon! Guess how I spent the rest of my evening….

Top 5 Breakfasts

1.) crépes

2.) french toast

3.) apple pie

4.) left over red thai curry

5.) cereal with a banana

>Le Short Weekend

>A one-day weekend is far too short for my liking. A 2-day weekend is barely long enough. What else did I do this weekend? Watched High Fidelity, played more Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, did a wee bit of shopping, made it to the gym, hung out with Colin for a bit, and hung out with Lisa for a bit, and Anthony – who came along to the mall. All-in-all a decent yet short weekend.

In the spirit of the “Top 5″ Lists from High Fidelity, Please let me know your Top 5 Overplayed Songs. Here is my list:

1.)”Everybody, Everybody” – C&C Music Factory

2.)”Boys of Summer” – Don Henley

3.)”Toxic” – Britney Spears

4.)”This Love” – Maroon 5

5.)”Backstreet’s Back” – The Backstreet Boys

>A Short Weekend

>It’s Saturday and I’m at work. Which is fine by me – it’s kinda blah out anyway. Things are very quiet in the office today – there are only a couple of us in. Yee-ha.

Last night I treated myself to some new DVDs (they had some great stuff on sale at FutureShop.) I picked up Kill Bill, High Fidelity, a 6-Disc set of The Pink Panther movies, and a 5-disc set of Gene Kelly movies. Needless to say, I have all sorts of stuff to watch now! I love spoiling myself. :-)

>Latest Addiction

>Thanks, Lisa, for introducing me to my latest addiction, Inspector Parker. Now, if I can only be my best score of 50,278…

>Yet another quiet evening.

>I had a great workout at the gym yesterday – I think I’m still pumped from it (albeit a little achey). after the gym, I went home and had a tasty Indian meal and then Colin came over and we headed down to Terry’s convenience store and picked out a movie to rent. We decided to watch Bowling for Columbine, which neither of us had seen. We both really enjoyed it. Definately worth a watch, and definately makes me proud to be a Canadian!