March 2004

>This week is flying by

>Monday was a busy day at work and stopped in at the gym for a full workout, then I spent the rest of the evening (pretty much) playing FFX.

Tuesday flew by. Work was again busy. After work I gamed for abit, then headed to the loft for the play reading of Scott’s soap-opera themed play. It was very funny! After that, a group of us stopped in at Chruchills Pub and I had a bite to eat. After that, I went home and highlighted all of my lines in Streetcar.

>Halifax Trip

>I took Friday off and Colin and I headed to Halifax early with a pit-stop at the mall in Moncton so I could check out the new stock at RW & Co..

We had a very filling supper with my folks, then went over to visit Sue and Jed and young Jesse. Jesse is four months old now and is just starting to mimic people as he learns how to speak – what a cutie!

Saturday morning Colin and I headed into Halifax. We spent the day walking about downtown and popping into all sorts of stores. It was fun but tiring. When we checked into our hotel later that day, I needed a power-nap. We settled on having dinner at The Five Fishermen – fabulous food and service! Then we walked up the street to the Neptune Theatre to see their production of Death of a Salesman which was quite good. After the show, we stopped in at the Fireside Lunge for a drink then decided to call it a night.

Sunday we got up rather early and stopped in at the Patisserie at Hydrostone Market for a little something to tide us over ’till lunch. then we headed off to Sunnyside Mall in Bedford to meet up with Rob and Nicole (friends of Colin’s) and have a smoothie from Pete’s Fruitique. We picked up a few groceries while we were there, then headed out. We made sure to stop in to Chapters before we left for Saint John. Mmmm… Starbucks coffee…..

We were back in Saint John in time to watch Inside the Actor’s Studio. I didn’t have much energy for anything else. A bit of reading and that’s it.

>Crappy day

>For multiple reasons this has been a stressful and shitty day. I hope yours is better than that.


>Check out Oral Disco – for a party in your mouth. LOL

Good greif – here’s another “eye-catching” idea: Diamond Teeth


>Mental note: the breading on the sweet & sour chicken at Mings contains milk products. Yarr. I left work early and decided to go home and be sick in my own bathroom. Then I had a nap, then played a bit of FFX, then Colin came over and he tried out the PS2 for a bit while I did a bit of work on my Macintosh. I tried reading for a bit before I fell alseep but I only got a few pages in.

This week is so slow. It feels like it should be Friday.

>Ready for Spring Weather

>I’ve had enough of snow and slush and ice. I think we’re supposed to get another 5 cm tonight. Sigh.

Usually the gym is extremely busy on Monday evenings – but last night it was fairly quiet. I wonder if those folks who started in January as a New Year’s resolution have finally petered out. Lisa and I did the circuit together. I like our weights routine, even though I get frustrated by people who don’t use the circuit area properly.

I bought a string of flower-lights yesterday and draped them over my computer monitors at work. They make me very happy.

>Le weekend: highlights

>Bought and played a fair amount of Champions of Norrath. I even introduced Colin to it, although he isn’t a gamer so I’m still not sure how he felt about playing it.

Had a couple of very tasty dinners out with lot of people. Friday night was Ukranian cuisine on the Old Hampton road. Saturday afternoon was sushi in the Quispamsis Superstore parking lot, Saturday evening was a bit of a rushed meal at Taco Pica.

Saw Proof Saturday evening at the Imperial. It was great! Very touching, and very real. Congrats to those involved – especially to my friends Jay and Kizzy who were amazing on the stage!! You guys rocked! Colin and I popped in to the cast party but we didn’t stay long – only a couple of hours.

Painted my bathroom. It’s now light blue above the tiles. I think the colour was called “Metropolitan.” It looks quite a bit better now than it did when it was a bland cream and white. Yay.

>Friday Impatience

>I’m glad it’s Friday. Yes indeed. I’m itching for the work day to end. I’m going to run out to the mall after work to pick up Champions of Norrath. I hope to get a decent hour of gaming in before we head out to meet friends for supper. Colin and I are meeting friends at a new restaurant called “Mike’s” on the Old Hampton Road. It’s supposed to be Ukranian food. I’m looking forward to it.

>The Friday Five

>If you…

1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

Healthy food. No deep-fried foods.

2. …owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

Shoes. Yes. Shoes that are fun and awesome and funky. Not the normal stuff that they sell around here (at PayLess and Transit and Sears).

3. …wrote a book, what genre would it be?

It would either be general fiction or a fantasy. It would have a strong female character, and there would be some sort of adventure.

4. …ran a school, what would you teach?

Art history, graphic design, colour theory, information design….

5. …recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

Think Annie Lennox + Kylie Minogue. LOL

>Geeking out:

>Last night, Tom and Dave came over to do a bit of gaming. Tom brought along a few games, including the very addictive Champions of Norath, which I will have to pick up for myself. (I love games where you have items to collect… and the controls aren’t too difficult to figure out.) Then Lisa popped by and joined us for a while. We played a little Def Jam Vendetta and then introduced the guys to SSX 3. Dave was in shock that girl gamers actually exist – and here in Saint John no less! I guess he didn’t expect to see Lisa and I trash-talking each other while pulling out the fancy combo moves as we played Def Jam Vendetta…. No, Dave, you were not on candid camera!