A Busy Start to December

I‘ve been spending the bulk of my time working on making Christmas gifts. I’d love to post photos of the things I’m working on, but then the surprise would be gone for those getting the gifts.

I did take some time last week to set up my tree & mantle village. It now looks pleasantly festive in my living room, and it creates a relaxing atmosphere, except when the cats are launching themselves from the top of the art supply cabinet onto the tree.

And then last week, I decided I needed a night off – to totally relax and do a little gaming… so I picked up Fable 2 and Fallout 3. I actually tried to start playing Fallout 3 but the text was too small/fuzzy on my TV to read and I couldn’t figure out what any of it read. Sigh. At least I’d picked up Fable 2, which has proved to be so much better than the first one – I’m really enjoying it! And I’m also playing it quite a bit, which means I have less time for gift-making….

The mural I was asked to do for a local pub will get done in the new year. I’m glad the owners like the mockups. It’ll be a lot of work , but it should be fun to do, and I’ll appreciate the extra income.

Work is super-busy. My days are flying by as I count down to Christmas vacation.

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Thanks so much to everyone for an awesome birthday and Thanksgiving weekend!! I hope you all had enjoyable Thanksgivings!

Friday evening after doing makeup for SJ Shakepeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” I ran into Scott & Mare and caught up with them over a drink at Churchills (Thanks again for the awesome “So many shoes, so little time” pillow!)and Jay & Lisa joined us soon enough (and thanks to them for the FutureShop gift cert – to go towards the TV that I’m trying to save for). After that Jay & Lisa stopped in for a bit and we were all in a pretty mellow place. We wound up watching “Dorkness Rising” which was frikkin hilarious (although it might not be appreciated if you have never played a role-playing game).

Saturday I caught up with Keith and Dan over breakfast at Cora’s (Thanks Keith for the gift cert to FutuShop!!) and then spent the day running errands and then did makeup once again for the SJ Shakespeare show. Then I headed out to meet Kizzy and Emily and Kristi for a few drinks at Sebastian’s. Stephen and Brian D stopped in and Anthony popped by as well. I was feeling extra chatty (possibly due to the martini’s) and I had a great time. After that I made it to the Shakespeare cast party and wound up enjoying the company and staying out quite late.

Sunday I slept in (a rarity) and ran a few more errands. I headed over to Jay & Lisa’s for an awesome Thanksgiving roast (and amazing home-made apple pie) and ate too much, as one might expect to do with an amazing Thanksgiving meal. After that, I headeed over to Keith’s to catch up with him and catch up on Entourage episodes. After that, we watched “Run Fatboy Run” and a couple of episodes of Californication. I got a lot done one the orange cashmerino scarf that I’m knitting and I’m now 1/2 way done it.

Monday afternoon and early evening I headed out to Jay and Lisa’s for a long overdue session of D&D. We wrapped up a major campaign and are ready to move on from there. We pit-stopped for dinner (I brought the stuff to make a couple of chicken sun-dried tomatoe and black olive pizzas (using goats milk mozzerella) and I was home by 9:30 PM – just in time to watch How I Met Your Mother, followed by Heroes, and then Project Runway.

What a great long weekend!!

Geeking Out Hardcore

Thanks to Keith for heading out to the Vortex with me for an early lunch (and thanks for the lunch – mmm… Swiss Chalet – how I love it!) and so I could pick up The Force Unleashed and Rock Band II, which both got released today. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight (and probably the rest of this week)!

I was trying to explain The Force Unleashed to my friend John who doesn’t game, and was reminded of the great article that Vanity Fair did on it last March.

ANTM + Assassin’s Creed + Frozen Yogurt

I have a guilty pleasure – I enjoy watching America’s Next Top Model and last night was the 2-hour premiere for Cycle 11. I don’t know why, but man-oh-man did they do some majorly cheesy/campy stuff to start the show off with. Including cheesy fake special effects. At least they’re having fun with it. The girls seem to be a lot more immature this year, which was actually rather painful to listen to. The nice surprise was that there was a lot more diversity in the contestants. It’ll be an interesting season.

While watching the show, I spent commercial breaks flipping back to playing Assassin’s Creed. I’m trying to collect all of the flags in the kingdom. It’s one of the side-quests. I love games where you have to collect stuff.

Less than 2 weeks before The Force Unleashed comes out!

The week-end of doing and cleaning….

Friday evening Keith brought over the fixings to make home-made sushi and that pretty much took up the evening.

Saturday I got up bright and early, picked Keith up, and headed to Halifax. We spent the afternoon sorting through 53 boxes of stuff that I had stored in my parent’s basement. 10 garbage bags of clothes were collected and donated to the Red Cross, 6 garbage bags of garbage were collected, and the remainder of the items were priced and tagged for garage sale. It made for a very full day (and evening).

Sunday I got up early and went for a walk with my mom, then did a couple of loads of laundry that I’d brought, grabbed a late breakfast and then it was a family affair to clean and detail my car. Once we finished, I got cleaned up and Keith and I packed up the car, popped into downtown Halifax to do a little shopping and then eventually hit the road to come back to good ol’ foggy Saint John. We stopped a couple of times along the way (Bayers Lake for Starbucks and a wander through chapters, and then Mastadon Ridge for gas, a stop into Farmer Clem’s, and “dinner” at Taco Bell) and got back to SJ at about 10:30 at night. I was exhausted.

I was also pretty glad I’d taken Monday off as a vacation day. I slept in, hung out with the cats, and then headed out to run errands. Of course, to begin, I caught up with Jay & Lisa M out at the Vortex for a bit before getting groceries and cat food. My treat for myself was a used copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, which I subsequently spent the remainder of the evening playing.

The Quiet Weekend

Friday night was a fun start to the weekend. After a tough massage therapy session, I stopped home to change and then headed to the Somerset Pub for Karaoke with Kizzy et al. It has been a long time since I’d done karaoke and it was a lot of fun. Keith wanted to keep partying after we left, but I was just beat (as I usually am by Fridays) so I headed home and called it a night.

Saturday I was up nice and early to attend Free RPG Day and play a one-off of the new Castlemourn game that Jay M was running. My character was a bard who’d pull out her rusty copper whistle each time a battle started. It was a much more effective Bard than in the D&D realms.

After that, Jay & Lisa and I stopped in at the Market to enjoy some samosas, and then I headed home for a power nap. Keith and I decided to hit the gym for a bit and then I spent the remainder of the evening at Keith’s place. We hung out and watched Shrek 3 (on demand). I think we were both glad we didn’t pay money to see it. It just felt so forced and recycled.

I must have been tired, as I TOTALLY slept in on Sunday morning, and I rarely sleep in past 9 on weekends. Keith and I opted to grab lunch at Churchills and then I headed homme to try to plough through my book club book. I didn’t leave myself enough time. I really should have started it earlier inthe week, or maybe given up my Saturday night and set my alarm Sunday morning. I managed to get half-way through it before book club. I wasn’t sure about Finn Mac Cool for the first couple of chapters, but the book started to grow on me, and now I want to finish it and find out what happens to him. It’s an Irish folk tale.

So yeah, book club was last night. It was lots of fun and nice to see everyone who made it. Lots of great food (left over diary-free chocolate cake for breakfast this morning – yum!) and good conversation.

Hiking Weekend #2

Friday evening I wound up going out for a drink with keith and Ryan before heading to Church Street to meet up with Mare and Scott for a drink. From there, Keith and Ryan and I headed to Sebastian’s for a bit and then back to my place for a bit. I think I like the idea of fancy martini’s better than I actually enjoy them. Gin & tonic, on the other hand, often lives up to the anticipation. It’s a cool and refreshing summery drink.

Saturday was full. All I wanted to do was clean out some stuff in my apartment. And then relax. But that’s not how the day unfolded. Kieth and I had brekfast at Cora’s (catching Dan on his way out) and then headed to the vortex (McAllister Shopping Mall & environs) to pick up a few things. That took a fair while, and by the time we did that and I picked up my groceries and got home, it was already about 4:00. I got my groceries away and Keith and I stopped out to meet Doug and Colleen for a few minutes. Then I was able to get back to cleaning. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, which had gotten rather disorganized over time. It felt good to have room to put things again. And then I got started cleaning my apartment. I’d been meaning to give it a thorough cleaning for a few days but I just didn’t have the energy. Keith headed home for supper and a run. By the time he stopped back in with Ryan at 10:45, I was just finishing up. (And that didn’t even include cleaning out the front hall closet and getting rid of some old clothing – both of which I intend to do at some point this week.) They hung out for a bit before heading around the block to the annual Horsefield Street Courtyard party. Once they left, I finally settled in and cracked open my new gmae for the xbox 360: Lego Indiana Jones. I played till 1 or so and then hiut the hay. Thanks to a combo of earplugs and being overtired, it wasn’t too difficult to fall asleep, despite the noise of the courtyard party going on right behind my building.

Sunday I got up bright and early to get ready to go hiking. I picked up Suzy and Brian B and Keith (who only got about 3 hours sleep but at least he wasn’t hung over!) and we headed to Fundy Trail to hike the start of the Funday Footpath. It was perfect weather – lightly overcast and about 13 degrees. We did a 3-hour hike and were all suitably tuckered by the time we were heading back to Saint John. thanks for coming along, guys!

When I got home, I enjoyed a nice long-hot shower and was planning to nap, but got sucked back into playing the Lego Indy game. It was nice to have a quiet evening in. I’d had my fill of being social this weekend and I just needed some down-time.

A Mellow Evening

Went for an easy run with Keith on the road at INP and then headed home to make supper and then chill out. I can’t remember the last time I just stopped and had a quiet night. I needed it. I’d planned on gaming, but didn’t even do much of that. Only played a bit of Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII on the PSP.

The best laid plans…

My plans after work were to go for a run, get groceries, make a decent dinner, and then hopefully be done in time to go see a late movie with Keith. Instead, I washed & dried my hair, puttered around the apartment for a bit, played Patapon for about half an hour, and had cereal for supper – before getting in touch with Keith and going out to pick up a case for my PSP and then going to see the late show of Speedracer. Fun movie – but it was long and it started late. Made for a late “school night”. Ah well… :-)

The Flu Week

I’m better now, but I spent last week in bed with a nasty flu, thus the lack of updates. Here are the highlights:

  •  Haven’t been running or anything, of course. Heck, walking the block to work to get my laptop to take home took a ton out of me. Missed Salsa class on Friday evening too. :(
  • Thought Grace may have had a bladder infection, as she was in and out of the litterbox A LOT without doing anything. Turns out she’s fine.
  • Picked up “Bully: Scholarship Edition” for the xbox 360 and played some over the weekend.
  • Actually left the apartment and socialized Sunday evening as I headed to Lisa F’s for book club. We reviewed her pick, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon which folks seemed to either love or hate. Either way, it was entertaining and provided for good conversation!
  • May 4th is my 11-year work-iversary. Time flies!