NYC – Day 5

Our day began with a breakfast in Central Park, and then a walk to FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue, where we made our own Muppets at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop…

FAO Schwartz


Onieda, Kizzy’s Muppet (left) & my Sylvia (right)

We dropped our Muppets off at our hotel and cabbed to the Metroploitan Museum, where we spent the first half of our day (and had a fantastic brunch!) If I lived in NYC, I’d get a season pass. There’s so much to see – it’s just huge. It took a few hours just to power-walk through the place.



We then took a subway to Chelsea where I was able to do a bit of yarn shopping at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and then at Purl Soho…

Lion Brand Yarn Shop


After that, we headed to Little Italy & Chinatown. Kizzy’s cousin’s husband gave us a tour of the Chiatown firestation that he works at, and we wound up having a tasty & very filling meal in Little Italy…

Little Italy


Touring the Chinatown Fire Station


Finally, we had the energy to get dressed up and do one night out at Don’t Tell Mama’s Piano Bar…

At “Don’t Tell Mama’s” piano bar

NYC – Day 4

We started our day with a walk through the 79th Street Transverse in Central Park, where we checked out some very scenic & recognizable spots.

Bethesda Fountain – as seen in the movie “Enchanted” (among numerous other films).

A bridge with a scenic view. Also in a ton of films.

The Hans Christian Anderson Statue is quite large.

After that, we headed over to Park Avenue & Lexington to grab a Subway to head to Times Square where we stood in line at the TKTS booth to get standby tickets to see the Matinee viewing of “Memphis” at the Schubert Theatre. No wonder it won a bunch of Tony’s this year – it’s a great show! We did have a bit of time to kill before the show to have a laugh at Madame Tussauds and then grab a bit of lunch at a nearby Irish pub.

In line at TKTS in Times Square.

Lots of great cheesy fun at Madame Tussauds.


Memphis at the Schubert. Photo courtesy of Kizzy Kaye.

We got out of Memphis and headed straight back to the TKTS line to get an ticket to see another show that evening. We then had a fantastic dinner at Brasserie, and then headed back to the theatre district to see “La Cage Aux Folles,” starring Kelsey Grammer. It was very enjoyable, although the seats were pretty scrunched & I was a little overtired.

NYC – Day 3

Another early morning as we headed via subway to Battery Park. We looked out towards the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, and then started walking up towards the Financial District. Kizzy got the best photo of the entire trip – as the Sad Panda was being ignored by the crowds who were gathered around the Charging Bull Sculpture:

We walked around Wall Street area and over to the Word Trade Center site where they are building the memorial. I found a few deals at Century 21 (super-comfy Anne Klein iflex loafers, a watch & a pair of sunglasses) and then we continued out walk up past city hall and into Soho.

We walked along Canal Street and then up the Avenue of Americas to the Aquagrill, where we had an amazing lunch (including incredibly refreshing cocktails called “The Glacier”).

After lunch, we shopped around Soho, stopped for a sorbet at a very cool chocolate shop before we headed back to the hotel to regroup:

That evening, we headed out to the East Village to meet up with Kizzy’s Cousins, Lisa & Dee and they took us out and treated us to an amazing sushi dinner. Check out this awesome sushi boat!

NYC – Day 2

We got up early and picked up breakfast to go (from Pax whole foods) and walked down to Rockerfeller Center to wait in line to get standby tickets in the hopes that we could be in the audience for a taping of the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show. Thank goodness I’d brought some knitting – it made the wait seem very short!

Waiting to get Standby Tickets to the Jimmy Fallon Show at Rockerfeller Center…

Started a pair of self-striping socks. Thought they’d be a great project while traveling.

At the Redeye Grill with Kizzy (photo courtesy of Kizzy)

After we got our standby tickets, we headed to Grand Central Station to check it out and then do some more shopping (where I found a great dress at Anne Klein!) and we stopped into Saks 5th Avenue where the ladies at the Lancome counter gave us free makeovers.

Grand Central Station

The Interior of Grand Central Station

We had enough time to stop back at the hotel and get changed before heading back to the Rockerfeller Center, where we stood in a further series of lines in order to get in to be part of the audience for the show. It was SO worth it. The show was great – and as an added bonus, Heart was the musical guest and they sang Barracuda! Also, Jimmy Fallon ran up and high-fived us, which was pretty cool.We decided to eat at the Redeye Grill where we were royally treated. The food was delicious, and the black current & cabernet sorbet was an amazing dessert!

At the Redeye Grill with Kizzy (photo courtesy of Kizzy)

NYC – Day 1

Kizzy & I arrived early in the morning (after an early flight from Bangor) and once we dropped our luggage at our hotel, we started walking. We window-shopped 5th Avenue down to the Library and popped in to take a quick tour. If you ever make it to NYC, it’s worth taking a few minutes to explore the beauty of the library.

NYC Public Library: Reading Room on the 3rd floor

We also breifly checked out St. Patrick’s Cathedral before continuing down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building. By that point, I was getting massive blisters from the shoes I was wearing, so we started looking for some flip-flops for me. After a fair amount of shopping, we finally found some at Macy’s. $13 for a pair of discounted yet fancy Nine West wedge flip-flops. After that, we had a quick & delicious lunch at the café in the basement of Macy’s (mmm… delicious turkey burger!) and then walked back up through Times Square, stopped at a wine shop, and returned to our hotel for a wee break. We treated ourselves to some champage in our room and then headed to the rooftop pool to cool off. It was 37ºC so the pool was a refreshing treat! (I checked it out and we’d walked 48 blocks that day!)

Photo courtesy of Kizzy Kaye

That was a much needed refreshing break before heading back out. We treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails in the hotel lounge and then went to see The 39 Steps, which was just amazing! Smart, funny, and well-choreographed. The play is a parody based on the Alfred Hitchcock film and the four actors play about 140 characters. If you ever get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!

Saskatchewan Vacation 2009

I spent a lovely week visiting relatives and hanging out at Aunt Jessie and Uncle Reg’s cottage…

The Ransome Clan

The Ransome Clan

Chilling with my Cousin Telford

Chilling with my Cousin Telford

Chilling with my Cousin Lisa

Chilling with my Cousin Lisa

Chilling with my Aunt Jessie

Chilling with my Aunt Jessie

Cousin Telford's wife Stacey & daughter Jess

Cousin Telford's wife Stacey & daughter Jess

Chilling with Aunt Mary

Chilling with Aunt Mary


Mirimachi 5kmx2

F or Canada Day long weekend (yes, I took Monday off) I did karaoke with Jay M Friday evening, then headed up to the Mirimachi early Saturday morning with Keith. We got to Colleen’s parent’s place for about 10:30 and hung out for a bit before heading to breakfast with the gang at the Rodd. We drove down to Sunny Corner and decided to go tubing even though it was only about 14 degrees out and the water was icy. Numbingly icy! At least the river was high and flowing fast, so we were only in the water for about an hour. On the way back to Colleen’s parent’s place, we picked up stuff to barbecue. It was a relaxing afternoon of sitting around and chatting and enjoying BBQ’d food. IT continued to cool off for the evening, so instead of having a bonfire, we opted to stay in and play Cranium. It was quite the passionate game of it. I think I had the most fun watching folks trying to sculpt things!

Sunday we slept in and then had a mid-afternoon group brunch at the Rodd. Keith and I popped in to visit his folks for a bit before heading back to SJ. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. That exhaustion lasted for a couple of days and other than managing to do a couple of errands on Monday, I just caught up on sleep. (Yes, I took Monday off.) Tuesday was rather quiet as well, catching up a bit with Doug and Colleen and then heading out to Scott & Alison’s for a BBQ. Of course, it was 14 and foggy in Saint John, but 25 and sunny once you got 5 minutes out of town. I came back to town early and then stopped down at the waterfront to catch The Tartan Terrors with Jay & Lisa M (and Doug and Colleen). Jay and Lisa have been fans of theirs for year – they used to perform at the Ontario Renaissance Festival, and they totally lived up to their hype.

Wednesday to Friday were incredibly busy days at work. I was thankful by the time the weekend rolled around again. I had signed up to run a race in the Mirimachi but was going to bail on that and go to Halifax instead. My dad was scheduled for a surgery on Thursday and I thought I’d go down and see my folks and help them out around the house. But his surgery got postponed, so I reverted to my original plans to head back up to the ‘Chi with Keith. We left mid-day on Saturday and stayed at his folks’ place. We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed over to Newcastle to start the race. It was a hard one, and neither of us got personal bests. Up to that point, the warmest weather I’d run in was 17 degrees. It was about 28 degrees out. Just crazy. And it got even warmer after that! There was no shade and barely any breeze, and that made for some tough running. I managed to finish my 10 km route in 1:10:17, and that included a whole bunch of walk breaks in the second half. Oy. Talk about draining!

Mirimachi 10k

Holy Hannah it was HOT! No shade & I forgot my inhaler. Oy.

Keith and I cleaned up and packed up and stoppped for lunch at the Cunard (he had won a gift certificate as a door prize) and then headed back to saint John, It was 32 degrees out, and by the time I got back to uptown SJ, it was 18 (thanks to the coastal fog). We napped for about an hour and then Keith picked me up and we went to see Wanted, which was quite fun & entertaining.

The Montreal Road Trip with Keith

Went to Montreal last weekend and had a great time, but am glad to be home.
A short overview:

FRIDAY – get up early and pick up Keith and drive to Montreal, check into cozy hotel room and go to Sho-dan for amazing sushi.

SATURDAY – breakfast in an oddly quiet downtown, take the metro to pick up our race packets, then walk and shop along St. Catherine Street, which became insanely crowded. UFC was in town that evening and we saw one of the fighters on the street. Great people-watching, but too crowded for my liking. We crashed for a bit back at the hotel before heading out to watch a bit of the Habs game and a tasty spaghetti and smoked meat dinner at Reubens, then back to hotel to watch game and rest up for the race.

SUNDAY – 9 AM – I ran the 5k in 30:38, a PB (personal best) but I still wish I’d broken the 1/2 hour mark. At 10, Keith ran the 1/2 marathon and wanted to break the 2-hour mark. He did it in 1:55:00. :-) We headed back to the hotel for a bit then went out for burgers at a diner and a wee bit more shopping. We did dinner at Bar-B-Barn, and were both utterly exhausted.

MONDAY – up early and left Montreal at 7AM. Drove to Quebec City and stopped in at the Laurier Mall for a last bit-o-shopping. There’s an awesome gaming store in that mall (on the 3rd floor) that we spent a fair amount of time at. Then hit the road and head back to NB. The deer came out as the sun went down adn we saw some mighty road kill, and thankfully managed to make it home safely.

TUESDAY – so glad I took the day off. Slept in, napped, caught up with Jay over coffee, went and picked out new frames for my new glasses prescription (will be a couple of weeks before they come in), napped, hung out with Keith & watched “In The Name of the King” (starring Jason Statham) which was MST-worthy bad. :-)

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s Monday and I am SO thankful to have the day off work! I went to Halifax for the weekend and spent Thanksgiving with the folks. On the way ther eon Friday I stopped in to Moncton and caught up with Colin over a fantastic dinner at Swiss Chalet. It was great to see him and catch up in person. I got in to Halifax around midnight – bot was I tired.

Despite a late night, I didn’t sleep in much on Saturday. I enjoyed a nice breakfast out with my folks and then I set them up on the iMac and did a bit of shopping with mom. We got back with enough time for me to take a nap and shower before dinner. I was just exhausted and not feeling 100%. We headed out to The Keg and I was not feeling any better. Dinner was good (they wound up not charging me for my Prime Rib as only 1/2 of it was cooked at medium rare and the other half was rare and full of fat) but I wasn’t feeling well at all. We got home and I felt like everything hurt. I took some stuff for it and went to bed. Sorry – Sue and Jed – I wanted to come visit but I was right out of it. Oy.

Sunday I felt a bit better. I spent the morning doing laundry and headed out by noon. I was at least starting to feel a bit better. I picked up Joie and we stopped in at Halifax Shopping Center before we hit the road. The drive back seemed really quick and it was great to catch up with her. By the time I gt home and unpacked, I was beat. I wound up going to bed at 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 8 this morning, only to head back to bed for another 2 hour nap a little while later. Guess I needed it!!

Today, if I can get my act in gear, I’m going to get started on some Dracula costume stuff and then head out to Jay & Lisa M’s for a bit. I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!!

Another Weekend Away

I headed to Halifax on the weekend with Jay & Lisa M. We drove down after work on Friday, stopping on the way for an excellent meal at Montanna’s in Moncton. By the time we got to my parents place, it was getting pretty late, so we chatted with mum for a bti and then called it a night.

We got up on Saturday morning and we were treated to a fantastic breakfast – worthy of keeping us full and energized for a full day of shopping. And that’s just what we had. We hit Dartmouth Crossing, Halifax Shopping Center and Mic Mac Mall – all in about 8 hours, with only a couple of short breaks for caffeine and a quick snack. By the time we got back to my parents place, it was getting on 7 PM and we were all starving. We all headed out to Halifax for an amazing meal at The Keg. I love thier steak topped with pecans & goat’s cheese. Mmm… can imagine the taste now as I type this… :-)

After dinner, we opted to enjoy a quiet night in and headed back to my folks place to put a movie in. We wound up watching “Night at the Museum” which was really cute! I think we all had really low expectations and we were all pleasantly surprised!

Sunday started early with another amazing breakfast, and then we packed our stuff up and went in to downtown Halifax to do a wee bit (3 hours) more shopping around the downtown area before heading back to Saint John.

Thanks, Jay and Lisa, for coming along – I had a blast!

I got home and wanted to crash, but I still had a 1/2 finished closet rennovation taking over my bedroom, so I decided to tackle it. Boy, did I ever! It took me until 2 AM, but I wound up cleaning out and organizing most of my clothes and shoes. I now have 6 garbage bags of stuff to go to either the Salvation Army or the Diabetes Association’s Clothesline. I’ll have to give them a call.