Goggles for The Steampunk Costume

I’m trying to make my own goggles. Attempt #1 is to use some crafting aluminum to build the frame. Not sure how well it’ll work but so far I’ve found that mason jar lids are too large, and I haven’t been able to find any appropriate plumbing fittings.

Back to the Steampunk Costume

Last year, Brenda & I came up with a plan for an original Steampunk costume. We got started on the project, and then we both got very busy with other things, and the project was shelved for a while. We have taken it back on and our hopes are to comeplete it for Halloween this year.

We took a basic 19th Century corset design and reworked it so that it would fit properly. We created our own pattern out of a thick brown paper (like the kind used for wrapping parcels) and then pulled out some inexpensive cottom so that we could make a mockup. We’d need this so that we can test the fit. Corsets have to be pretty spot-on if you want a good fit…

It’s a real treat using the industrial sewing machine. It takes a little bit of getting used to and you have to be very careful when using it because it’s rpetty powerful…

corset mock-up

We sound up sewing channels for the boning with twill tape. Our plan for the actual corset was to cut the fabric a little wider and use the fabric itself to create the boning channels.

corset mock-up

Quilt Progress: Let The Sewing Begin!

Started sewing the pieces together last night. Grace helped me…

Quilting Progress: Pieces Cut!

The pieces are all cut out and I’ve laid them out to determine how well things work. I think I may make a small replacement to some very dark purple and then otherwise, I’m set to start sewing the pieces together. This will all be machine-made. As you can see below, Hunter was “helping”…

Cutting Quilt Squares

I’ve got about 1200 of 1458 squares carefully cut out. It has been slow going but I wanted to make sure that the squares are spot on. If I was just off by a wee bit, that can turn into a huge difference when you’re working with so many pieces by the time the quilt top is assembled.

Starting A Quilt

I recently picked up Kaffe Fassett’s book, Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts and have decided to do the Boston Common quilt…

A Flowered Tote Bag

Last year I’d picked up some fabric so I could make this tote bag. It took me until this year to get around to making it. It’s a pretty simple pattern, but then I forget how slow I can be at sewing things. Glad to have it completed.


There wasn’t any time this year to make a costume – so thank goodness forBrenda. She made a fun Medeussa costume for me & I had a bit of fun with the makeup to go with it. Unfortunately, I came down with a pretty wicked headache to go with it, so I wound up heading home after being out for less than an hour. Ah well – I’m glad I got a chance to see so many of my friends dressed up!

Medeusa – costume by Brenda.


Lisa as a Lion tamer.

The Necklace of Gaudiness (+2)

Brenda’s mom started this and I decorated it. It was for Scott Thomas’s character Roger (the very gay director) in SJTC’s “The Producers”. I tried to make it Scott-sized and as glittery and gaudy as possible. The “plus two” is a D&D reference – referring to extra dice rolls needed as a saving throw to ward against being stunned by the incredible gaudiness of it.

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers

Scott Thomas sporting the necklace in The Producers



Steampunk Costume: Hoop Cage, Part 3

Brenda and I managed to get a lot done on the hoop cage in tonight’s three-hour session. The waistband is complete…

Brenda made the holes for the pop rivets while I finished turning the hoop casings…

Once the hoops were set, we started to pin them to the vertical strips. (Brenda used a pop rivet to close them and the ends were neatly tucked in and sewn together over top.) We managed to get the hoops pinned on. They will need to be adjusted before we permanently attach them with pop rivets and washers. That will be next time.