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Rainbows & Cats

Good news: I don’t need a new set of winter tires this year. Whew. In the mean time, I’m enjoying the relatively warm weather that we’ve been getting. I even saw a hint of a rainbow today…

See the hint of a rainbow?

See the hint of a rainbow?


Hunter requests my attention

Hunter requests my attention. Must go!

A Day with John H + A Day with D&D

Flowers from John

John arrived in Saint John on Saturday with this lovely bouquet in hand. Great call with the combo of snapdragons and exotic flowers! Thanks again – they are wonderful! (Added bonus: the cats have not pulled the vase over yet.)

We decided to go for a walk at the Irving Nature Park since the weather was still good. Then after our walk, John cooked a delicious Matsuman curry and we hung out and watched “The Nines”.

Sunday was a chance to return to our D&D campaign, even if we were missing one player. We spent the afternoon working through a big boss fight and resolved that portion of our quest …

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

D&D L-R: Stew, Jay, Lisa

Website Changes Continue

Bit by bit, I’ve managed to get my old website ported over from HTML pages and a Blogger-based Journal to this new site. Thanks to the help and patience from my awesome server-gnome, things are starting to come together. I still have a lot to work on, and I need to squeeze it in sometime between work, sleep and working on a mural design.

Here are the items that still require attention:

  • The Portfolio. I need to go into the template documentation and figure out how to get the images to actually show up.
  • Theater section. I’d like to add links and photos and info on past productions.
  • Old blog posts. This may take a while, as I’d like to go back and add images back in to old postings. I could also categorize things and add tags.

Things are Changing

I‘ve decided to make the switch from Blogger to a new WordPress site. Please stay tuned, as it may take a little bit to get things ported over. The good news? I’ll have a portfolio again. Also, all of my knitting patterns will be available on one page!


Elder Sign… of Confusion

Jay & Lisa & I decided to try out a new game that they’d gotten. It sure looked pretty, but there were a TON of rules and it was rather confusing. Of course, I didn’t give Jay enough time to pre-read all of the rules either.

Garden: End of Season

After teaching a knitting class, I rushed out (in the dark) to harvest the remainder of my plants from my Community Garden plot before our first heavy frost set in. I managed to get the oregano, lavender, and rosemary with their roots and I’ve replanted them into a small planter in the kitchen. I hope they survive!

Set Design for “A Christmas Carol”

In August, Scott Thomas asked if I’d help with the set design for “A Christmas Carol”.  He’s directing it for the Saint John Theatre Company and it will be performed at the Imperial Theatre November 17 – 19, 2011. He was looking for a set that  brought the story closer to the audience, and that could be used for both indoor and outdoor scenes. I know that there will be a few minor adjustments, but here is what I gave them to start with. The maquette is 1/2″ to 1′. I am looking forward to seeing the show!

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

Set Design Maquette for "A Christmas Carol" November 2011

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Rocky Horror

Thanks to Sandra, Beth, and Colin for a fun night out at Rocky Horror. It was a fun show!

Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror
Beth, myself, Sandra & Colin at Rocky Horror

Mouse Graveyard

As I was doing my dishes, and putting things away, one of my pizza pans slipped past the drawer under the stove. I pulled it out to discover the resting place of many cat toys…

Hazen-White/St. Francis Elementary School Library Murals

Through Innovatia (yes I have a day job and this is where I work as a Graphic Designer) I was fortunate to be able to work on this fun and fulfilling volunteer project. The company donated over 800 hours of volunteer time to re-do the library, from book drives, to re-cataloging the books, to stripping and sanding and repainting the bookshelves and repainting the walls, and finally a finishing touch of some mural work.





The large open book is actually a corkboard.